Hon.Stephen Balado Manu
Hon.Stephen Balado Manu

The government?s decision to abandon its initial plans, which was argued forcefully by the Mayor of Accra, Alfred OkoVanderpuije to develop the fire-ravaged Katamanto market land into a modern market, and rather, yield to the wise counsel of the former NPP MP for Ahafo Ano South, Stephen Kwaku Balado Manu to transform the land into a modern railway terminal is a laudable one.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, the Minister of Transport, Dzifa Attivor announced on an Accra base radio station, Citi Fm that the government will take advantage of the unfortunate situation to develop the land into a railway terminal.

This piece of information came less than 72 hours after the Hon Balado Manu chastised government for reneging on its pledge of revamping the railway sub-sector.

In this vein, The Al-Hajj commends government for being a listening government, and also extol Hon Balado Manu for offering such a constructive criticism that has helped to keep the ruling government on its toes.

The Al-Hajj is of the opinion that, the government?s decision to act on Hon Balado Manu?s criticism, especially when he is a member of the biggest opposition party is refreshing, and a development that adds more shine to our fledging democracy.

This latest development also shows how the government has positioned itself in a way to listen to all views, irrespective of who is expressing it, and how members of opposing party?s have also seen the need to consider issues in the national interest instead of partisan parochial interest.

In recent history, due to the polarization of the country on political lines, it is very rare for a government to heed to friendly advice being offered by no mean a person than virulent critics of a ruling party, regardless of its merit.

To this end, The Al-Hajj wholeheartedly applauds Hon. Stephen Kwaku Balado Manu for the nonpartisan and matured manner he handled the matter.

This should not just be considered as a victory for our nation and our democracy, but should mark the beginning of new ways of? how issues of national interest must and should be approached.

Democracy has offered all of us a window of opportunity to always agree to disagree when discussing issues of national importance without coming at each other?s throat.

The Al-Hajj, therefore, regards this as a win- win situation where there are no losers and wishes to say a resounding hurray to Government and Hon. Balado Manu.

Source: The Al-Hajj


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