Balotelli has recently found himself single again after being dumped by Fanny Neguesha after he bet that the whole Real Madrid team could sleep with his missus if Los Blancos could beat Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

Rumours then spread around like wildfire that a new, unnamed brunette was Balotelli?s latest flame, however those rumours now appear to be garage after Super Mario stepped out with Fanny Neguesha in matching outfits last weekend.

Wearing matching denim overshirts with black tees underneath, together with matching baseball caps, Fanny Neguesha and Mario Balotelli made a public statement in Milan that the twosome are an item once again.

A series of photos of Fanny Neguesha and Mario Balotelli walking around in Milan in matching outfits can be seen below.


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