Mrs Lordina Mahama, Ghana?s First Lady, has been praised by the United States of America?s Human Rights report for 2012 for her work as a philanthropist and championing the cause of witches in Ghana.

1st Lady with US AmbassadorMrs Mahama visited the Gambaga witch camp in December 2012 to fraternise with the elderly women accused of being witches and also to identify what their needs were.

Her visit to the Gambaga Witch Camp was an emotional sight as she was choked and could not address the alleged witches. Mrs Mahama was seen shedding tears which the Ghanaian media picked up on and more attention was given to the issue of witch camps in Ghana.

The United States Human Rights 2012 report acknowledged and rightly captured her visit to the camp and the subsequent media attention:

?In December, First Lady, Lordina Mahama visited the Gambaga Witch Camp in the Northern Region. On her visit, she donated food and clothing to the elderly women living in the camp. The visit brought some media attention to the camp.? The report stated.

The First Lady has over the years supported orphans and less privileged people in the Ghanaian society. Through her NGO, she is supporting seven orphanages and scores of non-resident disadvantaged children across the country.

She has also included babies born who are HIV positive but abandoned by their parents and family members to her numerous projects. In her role as AIDS Ambassador, she will be supporting these babies with their daily needs including medication, clothing and food.


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