Two Rwandan police officers were arrested Thursday in connection with the killing of anti-corruption activist Gustave Makonene last year, police said.

wpid-Nigerian20Army20officers.jpgInternational human rights groups had called on Rwanda to clarify the killing of Makonene, one among dozens of Rwandans who have disappeared in the past few years.

Human rights activists have said they suspect police and the army of illegally detaining people critical of President Paul Kagame’s regime.

Makonene was found strangled to death in the western town of Rubavu in July 2013. He was working as a local coordinator for the anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International and had reportedly been looking into alleged police corruption.

The arrested police officers were identified as Nelson Iyakaremye and Isaac Ndabarinze.

“We have taken enough time to thoroughly investigate this case,” head of police criminal investigations department Theo Badege told dpa.

The police have yet to comment on the corruption case that Makonene was reportedly investigating.

“We had been concerned that the killers were getting away with it,” the chairwoman of Transparency International’s Rwanda branch, Marie Immaculee Ingabire, told dpa.

Ingabire herself had left her office building just before a gunman tried to force his way in last month. Police are investigating the case.


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