Globalization of the business environment has given rise to organizations that are widely spread out beyond the geographical boundaries. One of the challenges faced by these global organizations is maintaining communicating lines within the multicultural and multilingual workforce. Human resource being the major lifeline, on which every organization is dependent, a deeper insight into the capacity, capabilities and their requirements will facilitate the organizations in building up an efficient human capital.Countries that are endowed with abundance of human resource resolves the shortage of tangible capital by developing the raw human resource and transforming them into intangible human capital. This is turn will benefit the globally bound enterprises. To manage this intangible resource, organizations make use of expert human capital management solutions which help them to organize and develop a global workforce. Global organizations need efficient HR initiatives to help them manage their human resource and talents and to adapt to the changing demands and technology while supporting organizational strategies and objectives. Smart companies have taken steps to integrate traditional separate human resource solutions into a unified and interrelated human capital management strategy thus producing quantifiable results for the company. Leading service providers with their expertise in working out HR solutions for the global workforce alleviates the burden of the multinational companies and facilitates the client companies to focus on core issues.The human capital management partners have a number of facilities on offer for their clientele. These enterprises have a vast range of services to suit the global employee. From employee benefit planning, employee on-boarding, global payroll services, risk assessment in the local market, wealth management, as well as retirement planning. This system helps to manage the organization to keep with the changing times, leverage the global human resource and talent into a single fold while accounting for the workforce across the world. With technology leaving its impact on the human resource activities, the leaders in the service sector provide their clientele with customized and technology oriented human capital management solutions. These unmatched solutions are designed and developed to suit the comprehensive employee compensation benefits and retirement plans. This facilitates organizations to help employees combat the rising healthcare costs and satisfy their needs, manage a hire-to-retire employee life cycle, compensate them fairly, increase workforce efficiency, while meeting organizational budget and reducing administrative costs.The customized human capital management approach with its increased adaptability and enhanced performance brings together the personal goals of workforce and that of the company in line to produce measurable and realistic business objectives.

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