Pavilion series is HP’s first consumer notebook, the main face of the high-end home users, each small family of products has its own distinctive features, so the entire series was dubbed “the audio and video home entertainment in general”. Today, our protagonist is dv4.

2012 Pavilion dv4 a new look, new mold, as well as new designs, a great breakthrough in ease of use, hardware performance and sensory appeal: equipped with 2GB of video memory, the NVIDA GeForce GT 630M graphics card,   HP Laptop Keyboard   , using Beats magic of high-end sound system, and built a variety of humane caring procedures below, please follow the author’s text it to do a comprehensive analysis.

HP dv4: hardware parameters

HP Pavilion dv4-5006tx hardware configuration
Processor Intel Core i3-2350M clocked at 2.30GHz
Memory 4GB 1333MHz (single)
Graphics the NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics card (2GB DDR3) + Intel HD 3000
Display 14.0-inch LED-backlit display 1366 x 768 resolution
Hard drive 750GB (5400rpm)
Laptop Battery 62Wh
The weight of the whole weight of 2.233kg Travel Weight 2.776kg
64 pre-installed system, Windows 7 Home Basic Edition
The official price of 5999 yuan

In addition to the Beats magic sound system, Hewlett-Packard new dv4 hardware some progress, equipped with 2GB memory, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M discrete graphics and Core i3-2350M processor, balanced with the smooth operation of the current mainstream 3D game, while the large capacity hard disk of 750GB is the icing on the cake, no amount of multimedia data can also be easily saved just slightly higher than the price of 5999 yuan.

A new HP dv4: the appearance of the process

HP has made significant changes in appearance in the new dv4, roof similar to the color gradient in the ink in the design process, a prominent three-dimensional with the appropriate from black to red color transition, at first glance, people feel good.

Its roof still Imprint Printing manufacturing processes, exquisite workmanship, smooth surface, let Kam figure, of course, can not avoid the intrusion of the fingerprints, perspiration, the user needs regular cleaning daily use.

What is Imprint Printing?

HP Imprint technique, a mold coating technology, add a layer of transparent coating the surface of the molded products, coating the inner layer can also design embossed pattern, texture pattern inlaid in the notebook casing and the upper paint to form a nice layer of protection.

Not only has good visual effects, and can play the role of anti-wear, anti-fouling.

HP dv4 front of the fuselage with a pleasant semi-circular corner, excessive back-end more tough polygon then the body element. At the same time, the HP Logo hide this, neither undermine the aesthetic of the body, yet is a good embellishment.

Since the touchpad in the C surface, the concave design, all the front of the fuselage “vacancy” has become a device that allows users with one hand to open the top cover.

HP dv4: portability

In any case, the HP dv4 or a traditional 14-inch notebook, so in terms of volume control are bland, slightly heavier weight of the whole quite satisfactory portability. hp pavilion dv6 Laptop Battery

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