HP Officially Announced That It Will Merge With The Printer And The PC Business Together
by Jerri Lily

HP today announced the PC Business Unit and the print business unit are combined with each other together, and improve the financial condition of the hardware sector. Vyomesh Joshi will retire from his position, before the leadership of the printing business, after the merger of the new department led by Todd Bradley.

HP said in a statement to these merged two departments of the company that introduced to the market, the go-to-market’s strategy will have the help for the branding, supply chain and customer support.

However, some analysts have begun to question this decision. For example, the investment research firm Sterne Agee analyst XiaoWu said, the department of Hewlett-Packard merger plan may not reduce costs or synergies.

XiaoWu said: “While we believe that this has a certain cost synergies, but the strategic benefit is not obvious, because we believe that the revenue contribution of these two departments of the business model is different from the PC sector and the printing unit rates were 30% and 21%.

After the merger of these two departments, I believe that it will reduce certain costs, especially administrative expenses and sales and marketing expenses, but the effect may be very limited, because customers who wish to purchase personal computers and printers together, there is still controversy in the more customers who purchased separately these two types of hardware products. In addition, PC and printer refresh cycle is not the same, the PC refresh cycle for 1-3 years. And update cycle of the printer for 3-5 years or even longer. ”

However, Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman, has a different view, she claimed that the move to the market strategy on the implementation will have the great help.

Whitman said: “We will provide customers the best innovation and operational efficiency, which will provide customers, partners and shareholders to provide a win-win solution.” Maybe this action will help HP to improve the sales condition.

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