adams apples Hot Gossip: Did DStv turn down ?Adams Apples? season 2?

When Ghanaian film maker, Shirley Frimpong Manso scored a deal with DStv?s AfricaMagic channel to rebroadcast her 10-chapter movie series, ?Adams Apples? as a TV series, rumours had it that the money was so good that Shirley had to extend the series into a second season.


But after the Valentine?s Day premiere of ?Adams Apples? season 2 at the National Theatre, a journalist friend hinted me that DStv would not be airing the second season. Indeed, for my article about the premiere I wanted to write about the dates for airing on DStv and other local stations, so I called someone from the Sparrow Productions office and I was told that they had not sorted out dates for airing since shooting was still ongoing.

Well, season two of ?Adams Apples? started airing on Viasat 1 over the weekend, so I started wondering why nothing had been said about the AfricaMagic slots.  So I made some investigations and found out that Shirley?s dilemma with AfricaMagic is one of marketing.  It seems a deal with AfricaMagic won?t be possible because the channel would lose advertising revenue due to the numerous product placements in the series.  Remember what I said in my quick review of the second season? Check Here


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