Jacksonville is a charming and pleasant vacation destination in Florida. Located in the mouth of the river Trout in a 110 acres land with sprawling gardens, exotic animals, the Jacksonville zoo offers endless attractions including recreations, entertainment and shopping, educational programs to suit every traveler. Jacksonville Zoo is the best weekend escapes for the entire family. The zoo features over 1000 unique tropical plants and has more than 1400 exotic and rare animal species. Jacksonville Zoo offers various recreation and interactive programs to make children acquire knowledge about animals and develop passion towards them. Jacksonville Zoo is famous for its range of Jaguars.


Jacksonville Zoo features a number of botanical gardens with unique plants such as Savanna Blooms, Asian gardens, Children Spray Garden, Koi Pond, Waterfall and Komodo Dragon, besides one and half acre Savanna garden nestled with Giraffe habitat.

Visitors can view, and if possible interact with Giraffe in the midst of acacia groves. The garden has many unique plants and flowers that can be found only in South Africa.


Jacksonville Zoo features an array of exotic animals and birds including Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos, Jaguar, Florida Panther, Florida  Bobcats, Red Wolves, Whooping Cranes, Bald Eagles, Black Bears, White Tailed Deer to mention a few.

Jacksonville Zoo is the only zoo in the region offering walking safari enabling children and adults to interact with a variety of animals. The garden now has some kangaroos and lions, as well. Other animals include otter, squirrel monkeys.  Elephant Plaza features African elephants in a 275,000 gallon pond.


Jacksonville Zoo offers a series of exhibits including African Exhibits, River Valley Aviary, Giraffe Overlook, Great Apes Exhibit, Children’s Play Park, Range of the Jaguar. The Aviary features South American, African wildlife and Asian wildlife including Guinea fowl, flamingos, Storks, Victoria crowned pigeon, Hammer kops and Munjtjac Pigeon. Jacksonville Zoo is one of the few Zoos in the United States that breeds the species. Brave Colobus monkeys living right in front of lions were brought from East Africa.

If you are planning for enjoy in your holidays then Florida is one of the best options because world popular attractions, theme parks, Zoos, are situated here. Also there are lots of most popular Disney parks for specially designed for kids.

Jacksonville Zoo is one of the most popular zoo in Florida having the awesome features offers you world popular attractions for full fun end enjoyment during your Florida theme park attractions tour.

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