Wood camp stoves are a popular alternative to modern stoves like propane stoves and liquid fuel stoves. They’re very lightweight, cheap and you don’t need to buy the fuel because they burn on wood. This is also a limitation because you can’t use this type of stove where there is no wood around. However, when there’s plenty of wood around you can use this stove continuously for as long as you keep adding wood to it. It’s a very efficient trail stove.

A wood camp stove is simply a piece of metal that is cut and bent to form a chimney. It typically has small holes at the bottom and a large hole on top for the fire to vent when you put a pot on top. In some designs, the top holes are to one side only which causes the fire to burn unevenly. You also can’t control the fire like you could in a propane stove or liquid fuel stove because there’s no knob for you to control the fire.

Cooking with wood fire also means that you have to feed it with wood frequently.

This also means that you might have to constantly attend to the fire to keep it going, making other chores difficult. Fires are also harder to start especially in the cold winds of winter. There will be a lot of smoke as you add wood which some may find annoying. Because they generate a lot of smoke and carbon dioxide cooking inside the tent in a fierce storm is out of the question. Although I’ve seen one that is so well designed that you don’t see any visible smoke when used to boil water and is made out of used tin cans. Another problem with wood stoves is that you can only use it where it is allowed to burn and collect wood.

In order to get a wood stove started you first need to have some tinder or you can whittle some wood with your pocket knife to make some fine material which is very flammable.

You can also use other stuff as long as it is flammable.

Once you have a good amount of tinder ready, put the stove over the tinder and start to fill the stove with small pieces of wood. Twigs, branches or any wood that is less than a centimeter in diameter would work well. Try to lay your wood upright (or close to upright) so that the smoke a debris can move up the stove efficiently. Don’t use too much wood at the beginning because it might hinder air circulation inside the stove. The stove won’t burn well without the air.

Use a match or lighter to light the tinder to get the fire started. In a few moments you will have a fire going ready for cooking. You might have to blow into the stove if you use wet wood. Once the stove gets going, it will continue to burn until you stop putting wood in.

Place your pot on top of the stove to start cooking. The fire will exhaust itself through the big top hole of the stove. Add more pieces of wood if the fire starts to die out. It usually takes about 10 minutes to get water to a rolling boil.

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