Haolam71 Question : How to move the country a free car, or walking
I’m looking for a way to travel quickly and convienence. No bicycle, car or foot is not needed. I’m in Connecticut Southington. I want to travel to Stratford, Connecticut, and it takes 59 minutes by car. Is Connecticut an underground metro, which can lead you there? How would it be? Best Answer:

is not a “metro” to connect the different towns of Stratford and Southington. Southington offers no public transport options. Your best bet, if you absolutely need to use public transport is a taxi or limousine to you in the bus station in New Britain, then by bus from New Haven, and from there take the train Stratford.Comme you can see, this is an absurd plan. Western Connecticut public transport network is extremely poor. Stratford is by bus and by train (to consider looking at the Peter Pan and Bonanza Bus Lines, and Metro North trains), but the network is far from Southington. You need to get these links are used.

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