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So my boyfriend and I are some kind of rut. We have been together for awhile, and share an apartment, but life is just generally annoying. All we do is work, so we can pay the bills, and after that we usually do something. The only thing we are so very bad, it’s travel. Like, spend all your things and go home and travel around the country. But how can we do to a very limited budget? Any input / advice would be appreciated. Thank you! Best Answer:
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Well, I’m not quite sure what you’re thinking about traveling around the country. If you are that you just want to make a one week vacation once a year, which seems feasible. If you mean you want to give your apartment and keep your business and easy to move around the country, that’s another story. You said in your question is that all you do is to work to pay bills. So even if attenuated many of your bills, your job, which allows mobile phone voyager.Je can learn to discount travel, but traveling can still be quite expensive, as much as 50% rabais.Ma wife and I are from Michigan. We are probably the category of middle-income in our country. (Which says a lot, because we have the highest unemployment in the country). But we still have to take a vacation every year. Usually fly out there and mini-suites and condos. Visit theme parks, etcLa The bottom line is … if you have the desire to travel and see their country. I can attest that there are several ways to do this is much less than the average buyer Travelocity or Expedia. I do not put information on-site audience reaction. But for some reason, if you want to send me [email protected] I can share with you some ways that can travel substantially reduced. This is not a selling point. I really like to share with you some of the ways my wife and me through our journey.

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