How to pull at your office Christmas party

Although dressing in black and painting your face white is not a good look (in any season), miming is an intrinsic part to getting with the colleague you crave. When talking to your crush be aware of how they stand, how they use their hands and when they sip their drink. Once you?ve watched them for a while, begin to subtly copy their movements. Do not mimic their every move though. If you can do this successfully they will think you have a strong connection.

Is your boss the star of your sexual fantasy? The truth is a lot of us secretly desire our boss. However, the stakes are high if you want to turn this fantasy into a reality. The best tactic is to begin by talking about work and complimenting their recent work. Then, with a cheeky smirk suddenly ask, ?You do know I?m single right??. Make sure you are sober, so you can tell if they are interested or not. If they are interested leave the party and do your thing; if not, retreat.

It?s easy to tell you to be brave, but when your palms are clammy and your heart is thudding, it can be tough. Ideally don?t use chat up lines, but if you?re too nervous to talk prepare a simple line that you cannot mess up on. Something like, ?Have you seen the mistletoe?fancy it??.  Even if you do not feel confident, try to seem so. Pull back your shoulders, stand tall and smile a lot. Avoid crossing your arms or legs, fidgeting and holding your drink in front of your chest.

Pulling: it?s all in the eyes. Ditch the tired old chat up lines and one-man / woman comedic acts and start staring lovingly at each other. Ladies, this part of hooking up is down to you. Once you?ve spotted the luscious lad, look him straight in the eyes. Hold this look for a moment longer than you would normally; then look away, then back at him. If he?s looking at you the second time, then we suggest you tell your flat mate you won?t be coming home tonight.

We?ve all seen a movie where a woman with out-of-this world legs walks slowly and seductively across a room, and men?s heads, like magnets, follow. In reality it turns out that examining a woman?s walk is an excellent way to judge whether she wants you. Ladies, if you?re looking to get under the covers stick to fluid movements, long strides and confident arm movements. Guys, if you spot your girl moving in this way make sure she?s walking in your direction.

It?s Christmas; the ultimate time for decadence and immoderation. Why shouldn?t you drink? Well, if you?re looking to clinch a flawless pull, then drinking alcohol is not a bad idea. A study found that those who drank on a first date had increased sexual expectations.  Moderate drinking also helps relieve tension, inhibitions and it releases testosterone. However, be wary. Too much office punch will lead to screechy karaoke, the odd insult and maybe even tears.

What you wear is important, especially to a works function where previously your colleagues may only have seen you in your work clothes. Find something you feel confident in and something that fits properly. Ladies, if you are looking to impress according to a recent study you should bare 40 per cent of your body. For the guys, make sure you shave, shower and wear red. Researchers found that women are more attracted to men who don red clothes.

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