A very popular destination, Egypt attracts thousands of tourists every year to experience the country’s cultural and historic wealth. You can marvel at the ancient mysterious pyramids, survey the primeval temples, climb Mt. Sinai for a biblical experience, cruise along the river Nile, explore the desert on camels or in a 4 wheel drive, and so much more. The to-do list is exhaustive. You can enjoy also enjoy the region’s nightlife in major cities such as Cairo. By booking into one of Egypt group tours, you can be certain that you do not miss out on all the fun and adventure the country has to offer.

Avail Hotel Group Discounts

There are numerous pros to visiting the country as part of an Egypt group travel. One of the biggest advantages is the reduced cost.

Group travels normally give you group discounts on accommodation; hotels will allow you a percentage reduction off of the nightly rate. Also request for a group reduction when booking a hotel over the phone. Some hotels provide an online group booking form that can be filled online. Different hotels have different rules when it comes to group discounts. For example, some hotels may require you to have an Egypt group travel of 7 people or book rooms for 12 days to avail the discount. However, negotiation is always possible. If you are traveling as a group off-season, you have more chances of availing the group discounts for accommodation.

Familiarize Yourself with Egypt’s History

Egypt guided tours are a great way to enjoy your visit. Whether the purpose of your tour is education or holiday, understanding the place and its history will make your visit even more memorable.

Egypt has its roots dating back to a few millennia, making it one of the oldest civilizations in the world. During the tours, a highly knowledgeable tour guide will give you the rich history of the region. You can also have your questions answered. Whether you are visiting as a family, friends or strangers, you will find that at the end of your Egypt guided tours, you would have bonded well with the people in your group.

Customizable Egypt Group Tours

Egypt group tours are highly customizable. If you have specific regions and activities on mind, the group tour will consist of exactly that. You don’t have to go around visiting sites that do not interest you. If for an educational tour you would like to visit only the pyramids and other historic sites, you don’t have to waste time on activities that are unrelated to your purpose. If you would like customized Egypt group tours, you will have to inform your booking agent much in advance. This enables him to contact the right people who can give you the memorably perfect holiday you are hoping for.

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