Businesses depend upon recurring business in order to survive. It is true that you could always get new customers but it is just so much easier to sell to someone who has used your services before.  It makes them more comfortable and much more approachable. They also get with them the additional benefit of talking about your services if you were able to deliver exceptional services you are gifted with free recommendations and we all know how important that is. I bet every one of us has in the past purchased goods or opted for a service because it was recommended by a friend. So you see what I mean, keep your customers coming back for more and it will help your business grow.

1. A buyer is the ultimate success story.

When you have motivated somebody to go forward with a transaction, they are surrendering themselves to you.

They are saying, “Yes, your merchandise or service is a keeper, and any constructive contact that you make from here on will be most welcome.” Unfavorably, large number businesses see a completed sales transaction as permission to spam. That is the wrong message. Instead of upping the sales outreach, a business should be working hard to understand the issues that are important to their users, and they should do whatever they can to add value in subsequent contacts.

2. Value adding contact.

By putting forth even more effort to understand the buyer’s experience, a company can show that it cares about what its users have to say, and it can use any new information to tweak and improve its merchandise or service over the long haul.

Every contact made post sale should be made with the intent purpose of adding value to the experience that the user has already paid for. By giving good user service and offering follow up solutions for any needs the user still has, a business stands a much better chance of being remembered the next time the user has a need. And a repeat user is much more likely to bring one new business.

3. The viral reality.

Reaching out to millions of people individually is a waste of resources in that it is impossible to provide the same level of attention to that a large number people with a limited staff and limited resources. By improving the experience of the people that you can reach, you can grow your business much quicker. The reason you can is that word of mouth is still the best form of marketing. Every satisfied user will tell 5 to 10 of their closest friends about their experience, and that can only lead to increased business. After sales marketing gives you the chance to build evangelists for your business.

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