Disputes between neighbors are a common problem these days. This includes almost anything, land boundary issues, restricting access to shared land, differences in lifestyle between people- these are fundamentally because of differences in living practices and sociology.

Land boundary disputes
Be it any kind of property to rent in Edinburgh, these kind of disputes are very common. Mostly this includes disputes over a fence, hedge, driveway etc. If you are mistaken about what you actually own in your Edinburgh property then you must check the property deeds. The two parties can also come to an agreement by negotiating a compromise.

Restricting access to shared land
This includes scenarios like, a shared driveway where one of the party’s is refusing to do so.  You must check the paperwork,If there is nothing in it, then both neighbors should be granted access.

Importantly, you must be aware that shared land also means shared responsibility with regard to repairs.

So the cost of repairing drains, damaged gutters and roof tiles must be shared between both parties.  Mostly what people with such a responsibility do is get estimates for potential work before it is carried out.

Causing damage to property
Legally, if you have caused any damage to your neighbor’s property then you are responsible for fixing it, even if it has been caused accidentally while making repairs to your own Edinburgh property.

In cases where damage has been caused by children, the responsible adult must repair the damage. You must also be aware of the fact that balls should only be retrieved with neighbor’s permission otherwise it will be trespassing on their land.

Moreover, damage to property can also be caused by trees, roots, hedges and other plants. In such a case the problem must be rectified by the owner of the trees or shrubs. This can be done by cutting back branches of trees or trimming the problem hedge or even rebuilding a wall.

Excessive noise
This is the most common form of neighborly disputes, especially in case of Edinburgh flats to rent. In such a case you must contact your neighbor and make them aware of the problem. If they don’t comply then you can call Environmental Health Department of your local council. They have the power to put a ban, confiscate equipment, injunctions and prosecutions in extreme cases.

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