Choosing the right and most appropriate piece of hard drive for your PC is not at all an easy task. The simple reason behind this difficulty is the varying size of the hardware for every brand of the laptop. As there is no standard size for a hard drive for laptop, it becomes difficult for the user to pick the hard drive with the right dimension and type. This article aims to guide you about how to choose the appropriate hard drive for your laptop?

How to find the appropriate hard drive?

While looking for a new hard drive for your laptop, you are recommended to first search extensively on Google to find out what size and type of hard drive your laptop is fitted with. Although it is very difficult to find the dimension of a hard drive fitted with a particular brand of PC but it is possible if you have a good searching ability. Once you land up on a website that provides you information either about your hard drive or about replacement of hard drives for your laptop, your task gets easy. You get required information about the dimensions of the hard drive on the site.

A Macbook Pro machine carries an internal hard drive of the 70 x 100 x 9.5mm dimensions, which has a SATA connector. On the basis of this information you can find plenty of hard drives with similar dimension for your laptop. You will most probably find multiple websites that provide replacement SATA hard drives with this dimension at the best available price.

But you should keep in mind that finding hard drives for all the laptops is not as easy as for the Apple Macbook Pro because you don?t know the dimension precisely.

While finding hard drives for other laptops you should recourse to the online search with reference to the model number which is mostly given under the laptop. In case the web search doesn?t turn out of any help in getting the dimension then the last option left is to take out the hard drive physically and then measure it manually.

How to replace the drive?

Before taking out the hard drive manually, you must remember that it is a difficult job which should be done with utmost care and caution. You must carry a set of small screwdriver because it will help you prying open laptop’s hard drive. In case you are not confident enough about the way of taking of the hard drive from the case, it is better to refer the manual. Get some tips from the manual of how hard drive has to be taken out of the laptop. Once you take it out from the case, things become extremely easy for you because you can now know the dimension as well as type.

Problems are not yet over as there are plenty of laptops that use hard drives of the same dimension so again you need to find out the most appropriate hardware to go well with your laptop.

Once you finally get the appropriate hard drive for your laptop, you also need to check the type of connection which is compatible with the laptop. Mainly there are two types of connection ? SATA and PATA are used to connect drives to the laptop. In case you have purchased the laptop within the last six years then most probably it would have SATA as it is an industry standard which is used with most of the PCs. But if it manufactured before 2003 then probably it would have a PATA connection which is outdated now.

Just have a quick look on the back of the drive which is labeled with the connector type. Now use the connector accordingly and place the hard drive in its place within the laptop.

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