If you have been convicted of a DUI/DWI or have been cited with other major violations that require you to file SR22 or FR44 insurance, check free car insurance quotes online. You can finalize over the phone to ensure your rate is accurate and you have correctly chosen the SR22 or FR44 filing. Leaving this important piece out could drastically affect your rates.

A DUI/DWI conviction will require you to file an SR22. That is nothing more than a form your insurance company files on your behalf to prove you have minimum liability insurance. Any time your policy cancels or lapses, the insurance company must inform your state, which could cause you to lose your license.

If you live in Virginia or Florida, a DUI conviction will require an FR44.

It is the same principle as an SR22, but you have to maintain Bodily Injury Liability limits of $100,000 each person and $300,000 each accident.

If you previously had a standard insurance company, you will most likely no longer qualify to remain with that company. You may need to seek free car insurance quotes online or over the phone to find SR22/FR44 insurance.

It might have occurred innocently enough, but if your insurance policy lapses for any reason your state might fine you, suspend your license, or even put you in jail. At the very least, you may be required to file SR22 insurance and keep it for three straight years before they allow you to drop the filing.

You have the ability to obtain free car insurance quotes for SR22 insurance online, but you might have to follow up with a phone call to be sure the filing gets noticed. If the company you are getting your quote through doesn’t ask about SR22 information, they may not accept you as a customer.

To make it a bit easier, make sure you put in your violations first. Once the system notes you have some violations, it may then ask you if you need an SR22.

Obviously your best scenario would be to avoid lapses in coverage. In addition, never get behind the wheel even if you have only had a couple drinks. Avoiding these issues will ensure the best rates and eliminate the need for SR22 or FR44 insurance. Thus you will be receiving more favorable free car insurance quotes than someone who is required to have them.

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