??Everyday our parents keep on piling pressure on us to get married.

?If you are a woman at the age of thirty and still not married, you are under serious pressure to get married.

?Pressure here and pressure there will let you get into marriage otherwise you will not have your peace of mind.?

Siling Tang, a Chinese Song writer commented on BBC LAST WEEK.


As it was rightly said by this Chinese Songstress commenting on Chinese New Year celebration on BBC last week, yes many women are under pressure from many sources to get into marriage these days.

Research conducted so far shows how some women the world over are being pressurized to marry the same way men are also being giving the headache from their parents and by society they live in to also marry at certain age.

But is it just a matter of getting up and walking straight to a woman and ask her to love and marry you or a woman smiling to a man and telling him to come and marry her just because their parents and the society they live in are putting pressure on them to get into marriage?

No, one can not just succumb to parental pressure or societal pressure to get into marriage. Simply because many have confessed they got carried away by pressure from their parents, societies that forced them into marriages they never wanted and now have regretted.

Mistakenly, many of our young boys and girls who can not water down the pressure coming from their parents and their societies to get marry are taking to social media connections where they propose to women whiles women also write love letters to the men inviting them into their life?s without any proper checks on anybody before saying ?I DO?.

That one aside, majority of our youth who do not know anything about love and marriage but are under pressure to marry have decided to use the ?Valentine Day? celebration to go fishing for the boys and girls.

There is nothing bad specifically about celebrating VALS DAY anywhere in the world since it creates the platform for new people to meet and share ideas about life. Exchange gifts with opposite sex which sets the tone for a man and woman to begin dating to know each other very well before going to the alter to say? I DO?.

Personally, I am not against VALS DAY celebration as well as dating between a boy and girl because before marrying my wife, we enjoyed dating for a couple of years before my parents accepted to perform the knocking rights for me.

Even when the knocking rights were performed for me, we were given one whole year to date again for our parents to observe us critically if we truly match before finally giving us the chance to exchange the marital vows ?I DO?.

Like I said, I am neither against the VALS DAY celebration nor the dating system, rather I am against the mentality people are keeping over the system which makes me feel bad about the celebration.

Certain people are keeping the mentality that on celebration of VALS DAY, no matter how they got to have a sexual affair with a new girl some where somehow to start a new relationship.

Some girls are also keeping the mentality that no matter how on VALS DAY, they have to catch a new big fish for keeps and therefore must demand a nice big and long chocolate from a man somewhere.

What about dating? You are right many are those who are abusing the system by giving themselves freely to men or men to women without following the guides set out to enjoy this occasion. VALS DAY and dating moments have nothing to do with sexual intercourse before marriage. PERIOD.

Before I conclude let me share with you what happened last VALS DAY at my work place. An Indian who came to solve a problem at my work place on VALS DAY last year stopped at my station and asked my partner whether he was going to celebrate the day in the evening since it was not a statutory holiday in Canada.

He asked my partner whether he was going to give a bar of chocolate to somebody somewhere and my partner said yes. Then another worker who heard my partner saying yes but did not know exactly what that bar of chocolate meant asked my partner whether he understood the question?

This worker laughed hard before telling him the Indian meant a ?six inches gift? that was what he was talking about as a bar of chocolate. In other words whether my partner would be taking a girl out and have sex with her on that occasion. So you see what I meant about the mentality people have about VALS DAY?

You may be facing serious pressure from your parents, family, peers, church, work place or society you live in to get married. Please do not succumb to this pressure to give or accept SIX INCHES GIFT this VALS DAY since it can ruin your future life as far as finding a soul mate is concern.





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