McAfee® VirusScan Protection is an excellent security program for home users. It offers them protection from viruses, spyware, and various known\unknown malware threats hidden in fake online virus removal software, add-ons, plug-ins, and pop-ups etc. McAfee® VirusScan Protection comes both as a standalone antivirus program and a built-in component of a McAfee antivirus program. So, the procedure of disabling the VirusScan protection differs slightly for both the programs. This has been mentioned in the below mentioned free McAfee antivirus support guide. Make sure that you follow the instructions properly to avoid facing McAfee antivirus problems.


As a Standalone Program –

Look for the McAfee VirusScan program on the Desktop or the system tray (there will be an M icon).

Alternatively, you can open it from the Start button and All Programs. Right click on the M icon, click VirusScan and point to Disable. When prompted, click the Yes button to confirm the action. Exit the McAfee VirusScan window.

You will notice that the M icon has turned black instead of the vibrant red. You can re-enable the program anytime you want, just reverse the above mentioned procedure. It is recommended that you turn it on when the particular issue that you were facing has been resolved. It should also be turned back on in case this is the only security program you have on your computer.

It should be your priority to utilize the program features to protect your computer from known and unknown threats.

As a Component –

Open McAfee antivirus using any above mentioned method. You will see the McAfee® Securitycenter (or VirusScan Console) window. Look for the VirusScan option in the left hand panel. Click on it and it will display the status like VirusScan is currently protecting your computer from viruses at the top of the screen coupled with the options like Scan my computer, configure VirusScan Options, and Manager Quarantined files etc. Under the status, you will see click here if you want to disable VirusScan. Click on either click here or disable link and disable the VirusScan feature.

Confirm the action when prompted. When done, click the my security center option (in the right hand panel, just above VirusScan) and you will see this notification VirusScan – Protection Disabled under my service status. Exit the VirusScan Console or Securitycenter window. To re-enable the feature, follow the same procedure and click enable.

If you are using a newer McAfee antivirus version, you might not see such options. , open McAfee antivirus. Click on the Configure link under Home. Click on the VirusScan link and then disable it. Confirm the action. You can also turn off the real-time scanning feature. So to disable the real-time scanning feature, navigate to Configure and then click the Advanced button. Click the Computer & Files link and select the Off button. Click the OK button to save and close the changes. If you want to restart the feature after some time, select a time span from the drop-down arrow and then hit the OK button.

Additional Info:

In case, you face any problem during the procedure, contact a McAfee technical support or McAfee antivirus support service.

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