In today’s market where there are so many foreclosure and bank REO sales, figuring out the real value of a property can be difficult.  The comparable sales method is the most commonly used — and still the most accurate one — to determine the value of single-family homes, condominiums and smaller rental buildings (two to four units).

Start by learning details about promoted features on your town Web sites for your concentrate on position. Many tax assessor’s work environments and country courthouses provide retrieveable online internet directories that allow you to viewpoint the costs for features within a particular position. They usually record more details about the Mumbai properties, such as dimension. Plus, customer Web sites such as Electronic Evaluator.

To figure out a home or office’s value using comps, also look at the excellent and variety of bed rooms and lavatories.

Three-bedroom houses are usually a big plus over two-bedroom houses, but four or five-bedroom houses never add as much over a three-bedroom if they are approximately the same dimension in dimension. Furthermore, two lavatories is a big plus over one restroom, but three or more never add as much value.

The most useful computer database for getting information about comparable properties is the local MLS.  This database shows the number of days on market and includes notes that indicate whether the property was updated, whether the seller offered concessions on the sale and so on.

Location is very important when you are evaluating sold qualities. A professional evaluator generally looks at homes within a one-mile distance or less, and so should you.

There are other factors to consider that affect the value of a home, but generally you’d give these less weight than the location, size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  Some houses have one-car or two-car garages, some have carports and others have neither. In addition to looking at properties sold in your target area, you need to look at home for sale.  While asking prices are not sold prices, it will give you an idea where your local market is heading – up or down.  Also, keep in mind that if your strategy is to flip the property, the properties for sale are your direct competition and thus the asking prices are very relevant.

If you regularly Investment in realty, take some time to build yourself a “due diligence” notebook of properties that have sold, are under contract and are for sale within your area.Remember, you are only as good as your data, and the more information you have, the more accurate your values will be!

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