It is to be expected that magazines and newspapers will switch to digital paper along with the technical development. Not surprisingly, you can conveniently and swiftly provide your readers with a virtual magazine. It is much easier for your readers to scan through and get a brief outline of your newsletter, eBook, catalog or other document. Furthermore, flash magazine is usually scrolled horizontally and gives the reader the feeling of a video magazine, with side-by-side pages that turn.

Then how to convert your scrolling Portable Document Format (PDF) documents into flash magazines? The issue is not straightforward. Since that converting a PDF to digital magazine involves creating a Flash movie from a PDF file. To this end, you may spare no money or energy on finding the best solution.

Yet after you have read the description you may find it is not as difficult as you expected.

Converting PDF-to-Flash flip books needs no professional knowledge and special skills. It merely needs to use a practical software. And the flipping book can be of very great service to you, for example, they can be exported to CD or embedded in webpages, meanwhile they run on Flash and are easily customized and embedded into your own website.

1. Just free download PDF-to-flip-book converter software. Here we highly recommend xFlip?Digital Publishing Software?that can help you to create online flash magazine with fast conversion speed and best output effect.

2. Import a PDF file. Hit the ?Add File? or ?Import? button to upload the PDF files that you want to convert. The powerful software supports batch conversion, so you can add as many files as possible at a time.

3. Set style options for color, template and other design features. The multi-functional software allows to create the desired effect such as insert hyperlink, text, image, hotspot, SWF, video(You Tube video included), and sound to the output magazine?s pages.

4. Click ?Publish? button to begin converting. Your PDF is uploaded and converted into a Flash. The website hosts your document and provides you with an HTML code to embed it into your website. Other output files include XML, and SWF files available for you to choose from.

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