Tips for Converting M4V iTunes Movies to WMV Format Recognized by Windows 7 Media Player

In case you have recently purchased iTunes movies, you should know that they are present in DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected .M4V format. The file extension .M4V is a modified version of a series of MPEG codes. It was exclusively designed by the programmers for gadgets like iPads and iPhones launched by Apple. This means you can play these movies on Apple gadgets however, you cannot play them on your system (laptops and computers) since it is a non-Apple device.

In order to play iTunes movies in your Windows 7 media player, you’ve to convert it from .M4V to .WMV format which is recognized by Windows 7. The .WMV file extension was designed by Microsoft and has been designated to standard media players that run on Windows.

You can interconvert the formats using a Windows compatible digital converter or video editing software.

Such applications first remove drm from m4v  then convert M4V files into WMV or any other format that you wish to have. This article comprises of tips on using these programs.

How to Remove DRM M4V Protection and Convert Into WMV:-

1. First of all, open your browsers and search for Aimersoft drm converter programs that can perform this task. Log on to a reliable website, make payment and download the software. Once downloading finishes, install the program to your system.

2. Open program window, select M4V files that you want to convert and load them to the menu. The software can either convert one file format to another at a time or perform combined batch processing that is, you can collectively add all files together and they will be transformed one by one.

Batch processing is an easier process because computer will not prompt you at regular intervals.

3. In order to add files, search for the “Add Video” button and click on it to display a search window. Locate your desired files and choose “Open” option to transfer them from hard drive to the program window.

4. Before initiating the DRM removal process, the software will prompt you to select an output file format. Set it as .WMV by selecting suitable option from the dropdown menu.

5. Click on “Browse” option to select a defined path for saving the newly converted files on your system. Hit “Start” button to initiate this process. The conversion rate shall be monitored by the software and displayed in %. The transformed files will start appearing in the program window one by one. Once the entire conversion has been successfully completed, the files will be available in the output folder selected by you.

How to edit m4v files:-

I. You can edit M4V files while conversion by using third part video editing software. Simply export files from your system to the program window. Edit/delete/add/modify content and save them in an output folder.

II. Remember that both .M4V and .WMV formats are compressed versions of raw video files. The audio/video quality might degrade while translation hence you must use efficient programs like Aimersoft DRM Media Converter for this process.

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