While burning a DVD on Mac, you require a DVD burner which exclusively runs on Mac machines. Windows- supported DVD creator does not work effectively, creating problems while downloading small and high definition video files.

Here are few steps you need to follow if you want to burn a DVD including converting mp4 to dvd with Aimersoft dvd creator:-

1. Install DVD creator application on your laptop. Once installed and run, choose to “Create a New Project”. The main aim is to create an area where your files can be transferred from main computer to DVD.

2. Choose to drag and drop the files on the program interface. You can also choose to load them onto application using Media Browser.

In the list, the files are displayed as thumbnails. You are at ease to change your preference of thumbnails by making use of functions like merge, split and rearrange.

3. If you wish to edit video or slideshows, choose to highlight files and apply “Edit” function. Before burning, you can comfortably make changes in video or audio using crop, trim, adjust effects and use watermarks.

4. If you wish to customize your preferences and make them appealing, opt for transition effects, text or background music.

5. In case, you want to personalize DVD menu, click on “Menu” button to choose the desired template. You need to visit “Advanced Settings” page while choosing between static or pre-animated templates.


While selecting an animated template, change the title; upload background pictures or music using IPhoto or ITunes.

7. Where you opt for static template, you can include your IPhoto or ITunes as per your requirement. Change the frame, play button, video name, background picture and music accordingly.

8. The latest versions of DVD burners are provided with four different choices. You can effectively choose between DVD Disc, DVD folder, DVD media and ISO file for burning your files. After choosing a format, choose the options or desired parameters, for instance, name of DVD, speed and status. You can also choose between TV standards applicable in your country.

9. You can preview by pressing Preview button provided in the bottom. The tool bar indicates the file size, disc type and output quality.

10. The player control panel is required to use play, pause, stop, rewind, change volume options.

DVD creator for Mac should be effortless while burning disc. If you are not in a hurry to transfer data from computer to DVD, save as a project file. It is also possible to make multiple copies of your work to share with friends and colleagues using DVD Backup for Mac.

While using a trial version, you can get an idea of using DVD burner. You can even opt to buy a full version of software where you are free to use different types of functions, not provided on trial version. You are guaranteed with updates and upgrades while using a purchased version of DVD burner.

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