Charisma, if you don’t possess the power, naturally is developed and can help you in dating, your career, in storytelling, in just everything you do in life.  You will go from an individual that may have once sat in the corner in the crowd, to an individual that is the main focus and goes where he or she wants to go and with who they want to go with.  There are some guiders that you must follow to learn how to become charismatic, which include the following guidelines that will get you on your way.

First off, take a deep breath and relax.  Charisma is all about positive energy and channeling it to those around you.  If you are uptight or filled with anxiety, those around you are not going to view you as a charismatic person and are unlikely to be attracted to you.  Be calm, tranquil and relaxed so that those around you will be drawn to you. 

Now that you are relaxed, it is time to work on your confidence.  If you are overweight, lose the weight.  If your posture is lacking than improve it.  Obviously, if you walk into the room with your shoulders slumped and your head hung low, you are not holding yourself as though you are a confident person.

You want to feel confident and look confident so that others are inspired by you.  Body language is everything from each step to your handshake, which should be firm and kind.  You don’t want to cross your arms or legs and when you speak to someone and you want to maintain eye contact at all times. 

The other thing you must realize about becoming charismatic is that you are at everyone’s level and you are equal to your fellow brother / sister.  Treat those around you as though they are as important as yourself, no matter who they are. 

The next step is to work on your personality.  You want to be warm, genuine and impressionable.  If you have the attitude that you are the best, then you definitely are not charismatic.  Charismatic individuals are those individuals that attract everyone, and the crowd admires and follows them.

Take the time to work on your qualities, and be genuine to others, accepting them for who they are.

You also must be connected to your emotions.  Those that are charismatic individuals typically feel emotions strongly and are able to relate to others.  Emotions are experienced on all levels, whether happiness, pain, anger, or sadness, and you should not be hindered to express these emotions. 

As mentioned earlier, body language is important, and now that you have worked on your body language, it is time to begin working on your speech, that should reinforce your body language.  Take a look around you.  Notice that some people just seem to capture the attention of others.  Notice their gestures and consider yourself when you speak.  Does your body language reinforce you when you speak or do you appear to be off balanced?  Take the time to practice in the mirror.  Pretend you are in a crowd, saying hello, or having a conversation with a stranger or friend.  Notice your eyes, and your hands.  Do you appear sincere, or could your combination of body language and speech use some work?

Always, before you begin to speak, think.  You don’t want to speak to fill the air.  Remember, your words should count.  There is nothing wrong with silence, but saying things that don’t matter, or at the wrong time does take from your potential, and that natural charming personality of yours. 

When you speak, speak with conviction.  You want what you say to be important to others.  Speak clearly and at a relaxed pace and vary your tone and rhythm to emphasize important words and your talk interesting.  Take a recorder and record yourself so that you can listen to how you sound. 

Charismatic individuals make each person feel special.  Each person wants to be treated with importance, and charismatic individuals have the power to do this.  When you make someone feel good about themselves, they feel good about you and are naturally drawn to you.  Listen when others speak, smile, compliment and be friendly.  Most importantly remember that how to be charismatic doesn’t happen overnight, it will take practice. 

When you learn how to be charismatic, you change your life, whether it in your personal life or your business life.  There is not one of us that does not possess the ability to learn how to be charismatic, it just boils down to determination and practice, and, know, that it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen, and you won’t go unnoticed in the corner and feel as though no one would miss you if you weren’t there.  

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