Before I answer the question, please permit me to first state what, in my opinion, led to the Elephant’s exit from the bush. For is a disease not first diagnosed before treatment is given?

In my view, the two major factors that caused the incapacitation of the Elephant were in-fighting amongst its membership and its inability to neutralize the effective propaganda machinery of the Umbrella.


That bickering and in-fighting amongst Kukrudites during the parliamentary primaries, which contributed in no small measure to the Elephant being chased from its natural habitat, cannot be doubted by any political pathologist worth his salt.

At the last count, members in 87 constituencies, which make up more than one-third of the 230 constituencies in Asomdwekrom, complained of one form of bias or another against them by their constituency, regional or national executives. So instead of coming together to campaign for the common good of the Elephant, the aggrieved Kukrudites rather used the precious time they had to engage in a peevish blame-game.

As a result, the most aggrieved party faithful boycotted the polls because they felt they were given a raw deal. In the end, they were made to swallow a bitter pill and their cherished Elephant incapacitated as well.

Umbrella’s Excellent Propaganda Machinery

To say the Umbrella had efficient propaganda machinery would be an understatement because its propaganda network was simply phenomenal. Indeed, the Akatamansonian propaganda could be the envy of Adolph Hitler’s Chief Propagandist, Goebel.

The power of propaganda is such that it can make one believe a very preposterous tale. There is this book, ‘Promising oil in hell’ by Carl Sandburg, which tells a story about a man who started a rumour that they had struck oil in hell. He repeated the lie so much that everybody believed it. Soon, everybody left for hell to get in on the boom. The man who started it all watched them all go. He scratched his head and said to himself that there might be some truth in it after all; so he left for hell too.

That is how powerful propaganda can be! Even the man, who started it all and knew deep down in his heart that he was telling lies, ended up believing his own lies might be true.

While the Fiifi Kwetteys, the Victor Smiths and other members of the Akatamanso propaganda machinery were religiously propagating their voodoo theories and Kwaku Ananse stories, the Kukrudu communication team, headed by Arthur K, was heard screaming ‘agbenaa’, oblivious of the fact that a stupendous lie told over time gains credibility.

As a result, the Umbrella, which promised oil in hell was believed, while the Elephant, which promised oil and delivered, was chased away from the bush and made to wander into the political wilderness.

Having made a diagnosis, it is now safe for me to give a prescription. My prescription is unity and effective communication machinery.


The first and most important prescription is unity. Disunity has become a big bone stuck in the throats of Kukrudites. The unity pill is one all Kukrudites need to swallow to push the bone and resuscitate the incapacitated Elephant. Unfortunately, however, swallowing this bitter but effective pill is becoming very difficult for the Elephant.

There seem to be a semblance of unity in the Elephant family for now, but there are undercurrents of disunity which may sooner than later simmer for all to see, if not checked. Many are still wondering why Alan’s face is missing from Nana’s campaign and are asking if there is anything we are not being told.

Indeed, those who in their heart of hearts wish to see the great Elephant return to the bush wouldn’t engage in self-destructive tendencies. They will, irrespective of their differences, unite because they know there is strength in unity. They will unite because they believe that the great Kukrudu tree shall grow, not upon anyone’s shoulder, but upon its deeply founded roots, impregnable stems and strong branches.

If any Kukrudian thinks otherwise, he should resign honourably or be given the boot because it is better to chop off the twigs than retain the decaying leaves on the genuine Kukrudu tree.

Was Kakra Essamuah not given the boot from the Elephant family when he went contrary to party rules and stated publicly that he preferred Candidate Mills to Candidate Kufuor during the 2000 electioneering campaign? And did the Elephant not go on to tumble the Umbrella despite the umbrella’s incumbency advantage?

I’m sure that by now, the Doyen of Ghana politics and one of the founders of the Elephant tradition, Dr. J.B. Danquah, would be turning in his grave because his followers have refused to swallow the pill he himself had prescribed over five decades ago. For those who have forgotten or do not know at all, this is what he said: “I say, and would say repeatedly; this is the time to support our best man. This is the time for unity for all of us; and not time for division.”

Dead men, they say, don’t talk. But that was a dead man talking. My concern however is whether the incapacitated Elephant, which is very alive, is all ears?

Effective Communication Machinery

The second prescription that could help bring the incapacitated Elephant back to its feet is very effective communication machinery that can counter the effects of the Akatamansonian propaganda. By this, I mean very proactive communication machinery that would not wait for punches to be thrown at it before replying. The Elephant’s only chance of making its communication machinery very effective is to be proactive and not wait for offensive punches before replying. If possible, Kukrudites should also not hesitate to throw offensive punches since it is useless playing it clean with an opponent who believes in rough play. After all, when the tune of the music changes, don’t the dancers too change their dance steps?

It is my firm belief that the incapacitated Elephant can be healed. But that is on condition that the above prescriptions are taken seriously and the bitter pills swallowed religiously. As to whether it would be able to go back to its natural habitat on January 7, 2013, I still harbour some fears.

Surely, there are times that our fears could be unfounded and as a result make us cry wolf where there is none. But this is not one of those because my fears are grounded on facts and not speculation.

If you are a konkonsa person with rabbit-like ears like me, then kindly stay tuned as I welcome you to the world of my fears next week!

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