‘How Nigerian youths can achieve set goals’
Wednesday March 28 , 2012

His foray into the world of motivational speaking was fuelled by a resolve to overcome a personal challenge. Today, he has not only surmounted that challenge, but he presently uses it as a platform to develop others.

Though still young in the terrain, Kelechi Anyalechi, a United States Certified Life Executive Coach, is already commanding a large listening audience as well as enjoying a robust clientele. It was on this platform that he held a well attended ‘Life Coach Seminar’, to help the youths achieve their set goals in life. The event was held at the Golden Destiny Hotel, Ajao Estate, Lagos.

The seminar which centered on setting goals and getting them achieved through practical knowledge was attended by people from various churches as well as personnel from corporate and non-governmental organisations.

The event included motivational talks from various speakers, slide shows, group discussions as well as question and answer sessions.
Topics treated during the seminar were, Personal Development and Effectiveness, Life and Wealth Mastery, Developing Smarter Goals, Scripting-The Most Powerful Tool in Goal Setting, Effective Time Management and How to have a Productive and Effective Day Everyday.

Using his life experience as a tool to drive home his points, Kelechi Anyalechi urged Nigerians to invest more in personal development. He noted that the knowledge and experience gained from attending such seminars cannot be quantified by money or measured by material acquisitions.

He explained that the event was organised mainly to help people learn to set and achieve goals in life. He recalled how he gained admission into the university to study what he described as a wrong course, and ended up as an unfulfilled graduate.
“When I graduated from the university, I was confused and unsatisfied. This did not arise from unemployment, but because I was not finding any form of fulfilment from what I was doing at the time. Whatever I was doing then was not giving me the greatest level of output I desired.

“I organised this programme because I know that it is possible for people to achieve their aim. But first, we must be able to have that dream job or business. Also, for there to be success in anything we do, there has to be set goals,” he said.
The Life Coach further explained that most people write down their set goals, but end up not achieving them because they lack the right tools to achieve such purpose. He attributed this to focusing on so many things at the same time and urged the participants to always prioritize their gaols.

Kelechi noted that the programme is not a one-off event, adding that there are plans to make it a continuous event.
His words: “My greatest desire in life is to help people improve their lives, add value to them, accomplish their goals and write new ones before the scheduled time. We need to reflect on greater things with greater value. Things with greater returns should be given greater concern. The skills seminar is targeted at graduates, the unemployed and the fully employed. There are plans to take it to organisations, churches and even schools. We already have programmes lined up to be held in various parts of the country. We try to make it affordable. Most participants attend the programme based on scholarship.

“Money is not my greatest motivation. My vision is to help people achieve their goals. When you want to get something, you go all out for it. The truth is that where your treasure is, that is where your heart would always focus . Look for what people need and proffer solutions to them.”

Kelechi advised the participants to always have a role model or mentor who is already a success in the things they have set out to do. He explained that this would help guide them against making some costly mistakes in life.
The former Deputy Managing Director of The Sun Publishing Limited, Pastor Dimgba Igwe, who was the special guest speaker at the seminar, centered his speech on values.

He noted that most people search for things in the wrong place because it’s conducive. He also stressed that many people are also into the wrong profession because of convenience, adding that to achieve success, values must be exchanged.
“Be persistent to succeed. Money should not be the first consideration when you want to succeed. Value and skills should be the focus. You can’t also succeed by working with unreliable people,” he said.

The group discussion was anchored by Uloma Kanu, another UK Certified Life Coach. While brainstorming with the groups on destiny and the three important things that determine people’s destiny, she noted that nobody can decide when or how they can die, but they can determine how to succeed in life. She then urged the participants to take charge of their destiny for good.

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