nadia buri

People go through different aspects of life and some can be very challenging and lead a person to a path of no return. For others who are fortunate however, they can get help and loved ones around them who counsel them and help steer their lives for the better.

Sultry actress, Nadia Buari who is in her 30s has revealed the challenge of life she once encountered and how her mum helped her.

According to the actress, she was an alcoholic at an early age, but thanks to the motherly love, she successfully was overcame it to become the person she is today:

?19yrs ago wen I went thru my alcoholism, my mum gave me 1 of d greatest gifts, & that ws how 2 surrender 2 God, & accept d grace of God in my lyf.?

??And truly in her arms I felt like the prodigal son coming home, and I felt God?s love through her. And that was a good gift.?


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