Freddie Blay with Kingston Kissi and Peter Wiafe Peprah

The aspiring First Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hon Freddie Blay, yesterday assured constituency executives of the party and others who thronged his base in Accra that he is in the race to change the electoral fortunes of the party and help the political grouping grow stronger.

?The NPP should not only win the next elections but be able to change the lot of Ghanaians. The party has a track record of altering a bad order to something good as happened during the Kufuor regime.

?Give me your votes so I can contribute my quota towards the enhancement of the party. I would ensure an even distribution of logistics needed during the elections,? he told the massive turnout of delegates and others from the Eastern Region.

An NPP government, he assured, would not be selfish and limit the enjoyment of the country?s resources to a few.

?An NPP government would ensure that all Ghanaians regardless of their backgrounds should participate in the distribution of the country?s natural resources. The NPP has done it before and would do it again,? he said.

Hon Blay, flanked by Hon Rashid Bawa, former envoy to Saudi Arabia and Minister of State for Education added, ?We are offering ourselves for you to choose from among us those who should serve you. I ask that you choose me to join the team.?

He continued, ?I am a unifier and would work hand in hand with you and others to carry out the party?s agenda. Let us help one another to help our party. We are getting ourselves ready for victory. We would win the elections at the polling stations. I am ready, I have prepared myself, I am determined to serve the party with humility and integrity. With the Eastern Region, the heartbeat of the party behind me victory is sure. I am asking you to allow me to be part of the team. Come 2016 power will be ours, Insha Allah.?

Some former MPs and others took turns to express their sentiments about the Freddie Blay factor. One of them who claimed Freddie did not know him said of the aspiring Vice Chairman, ?This is a man with a wealth of experience which the party needs. His name is synonymous with Western Region politics. This man is an asset to the party. We do not want a Vice Chairman who would be dormant. We want a Vice Chairman who would be active.?

Another activist described Freddie as a man without blemish and therefore should be voted for by the delegates for the position he is vying for.

The aspiring National Youth Organiser of the party, Sammy Awuku, who turned up took his turn to address the gathering, the largest so far since various groupings began coming to touch base with Freddie Blay.

By A.R. Gomda


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