Many guidelines to success offered in the kind of books that have been written offering people the roads to success have been doubted by many readers. They complain that although when they are reading these guidelines, they feel confident and believe that as long as they can follow these guidelines, they are doomed to succeed. However, several days later, they find that life goes in the same way and nothing essential has been changed.

? Believe it or not, this kind of books do offer at least one useful guideline: the correct attitude? towards work and even daily life attitude can determine one?s achievement.?

Kenneth W. Christian, a psychologist in the United States has ever launched “the plan of inspiring the potential plan. after he has studied? those with “low” achievement, he found that many people who were rather gifted as children became a Joe when they grew up, without any remarkable achievement because these people have a universal commonality, that is, they are used to “self-defeating”. They only engage in the work which involves far less ability than their real ability because it does not force them to go all out, and they cannot strive for something inside that they are really craving because they do not want to disappoint or fail. When they are doing anyting, they just want to make the minimum efforts. ?

Whether on the workplace, or in daily life, the only way to avoid making the mistake is to do nothing at all. But the most basic common sense tells us that success will not land directly from the sky and nobody can succeed without making any effort.

The key that winners can win lies in his attitude to difficulties and failures.

Research shows that among the most critical factors deciding whether a person can become the winner, 80% of them belong to the personal attitude factors of value orientation, such as positiveness, effort, confidence, determination and willpower; 13% belong to nurtured self-cultivation of skills, such as knowledge and skills; 7% rely on luck, opportunities, and other factors. To every people who have the potential to make a difference, positive attitude will definitely become the key to success in the future.

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