Cars are filled with different parts, valves, reservoirs and wires.  While some car enthusiasts know exactly how they operate, most of us normal folk don’t.  Instead of relying on a someone at a used car parts shop in Chicago to explain to you how your brakes work each time your car gives you trouble, you can learn how many of its parts operate fairly simply on your own.

Car brakes are arguably one of the most important parts of a vehicle. The consequence of faulty brakes can be disastrous.  A car’s brake system has many elements and although every car model is slightly different, brake systems are fairly universal. With that said, there are two types of brake systems used in automobiles, the disc system and drum brakes.  The disc brake system is the most common brake system in cars nowadays.

Disk brakes apply friction to a rotating disk and are therefore more reliable.  Attached to the wheel there is a cast iron disc.  Brake pads are attached to this cast iron disc on either side of it.  Their job is to press against the cast iron disc to cause friction and ultimately stop the wheel from turning.  There is also a hydraulic piston or cylinder that provokes the brake pads.

The brake pedal is just the tip of a whole brake system.  When a driver pushes the brake pedal, a force is applied to the master cylinder, which in turn forces brake fluid to travel from the master cylinder to the slave cylinders that are located at each wheel.  Hydraulics allows weight and pressure to be applied consistently to all of the wheels.  The slave pistons or cylinders are then able to apply pressure to the brake pads.  If the pressure is hard, the pads rub with great force, which allows for harder braking.


So how do you know when to be concerned about your brakes?  There are a couple of signs drivers can watch for in order to determine if they need to have their brakes checked.  First, any noises, especially high-pitched squealing ones, should be investigated.  Drivers should note whether or not it takes them longer than usual to brake.  If it does, you may be able to find an answer at a Chicago used automotive parts shop. Also, if the brake pedal compresses further than normal, it may be wised to have the brakes checked.  Frequent brake pad maintenance is important as faulty brakes can cause terrible accidents.  If your car needs maintenance, you could save some money by exploring replacement brake parts at a used auto parts shop in Chicago.

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