There is a lot of happening at twitter and many people ignore twitter for SEO. During our SEO training session, this is very shocking that people ignore one of the best ways to get good quality inbound link. If you use twitter to help people solve their problems then your website becomes popular. Reason, generally people use twitter plug-in to update twitter feed on their website. So, if you help them then your link is populated on lot many websites and you gain popularity.

You have to talk on twitter about something that can actually turn around as link. You can have a contest over twitter and ask more and more people to join and follow. Now let?s see how you can have back links from twitter. When you go to the twitter profile page, there?s a link that point to your website.

Basically what happens is if you put your twitter profile in webpage that will start improving your twitter page, this is very long tail, but surely helps. Second is start follow twitter of relevant category as they can help you getting links to your twitter and some do follow links.

Twitter is a great place to find people relevant to your field. People who are following you are your follows. This means that when u twitter, the people following you receive you message. Generally you build your follower by following them. If they do not follow you then delete them from your list. The numbers between following and followers should not vary. In practice followers should be always more in numbers.

Now the question is how to search relevant people in twitter.

For this you can use advance search option of twitter. Go in the advance search and you can type the relevant keyword over there. Second good option is to find persons in your locality and start following them.

Once you have good number of followers you can promote your product or service on by twitting. Twitter is really simple to use and for long tail keywords it takes weeks. The life of content on twitter is much shorter, the strategy should be taking the life of content and increases the duration to make it more impactful. You should create a good number of back links and add this to your website to get good number of back links to your website. This way you will be able to get more content indexed.

So to get traffic from twitter you need to design and implement a good strategy by attracting good number of follower and getting maximum back links. You can use twitter to promote your product by offering some incentive to the persons who are getting good back links on your website. Twitter is a soial media tool and has a short life span in the form of messages, so you need to combine long tail keywords along with the message of twitter to get relevant result. While conducting Online Marketing Training seminar we guide audience the use of twitter.

One more thing you can also fully customize the look and feel of your twitter page. This helps to promote your product to the users visiting your twitter page and engaging your followers is the key to get good traffic. Finally you should not ignore the hash keywords, hash keywords are used as search term by twitter.

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