Ansu Kyeremeh

Fifty-seven years Motherland Ghana has existed. Normally, she should have some glowing achievements to trumpet as a fifty-seven-year-old in midlife. Instead, they say she is a basket case.

AfricaWatch magazine has anointed her the ?Republic of Corruption.? This is my motherland and your motherland. Compatriots, this is our motherland in her nationhood metamorphosis previously proudly known as Gold Coast from March 6, 1844 to March 5, 1957 and Ghana since then.

Had I been presiding over her affairs, I would have vamoosed by now to Dubai or somewhere else. I would have bowed down my head in shame and spread ashes all over my body like the biblical erring son.

I would have begged my compatriots for a messing-up forgiveness and given up whatever my kin and I have stolen from them and the motherland.

Many times I have said we cannot carry on like this. Yet repeatedly I have cautioned a coup is not an option. There is a very plausible and doable alternative, though, transparency. It is, and plays out as naming and shaming. The cloak of righteousness must be lifted off corrupt faces. It would be a corruption killing measure.

We can begin with oil, the blessing that has become a curse. Let the names of all those who own blocks or have ever sold any be published. This publication should be followed by all those individuals (the actual human faces behind faceless companies and entities) involved in the importation of refined oil or petrol, diesel and kerosene. The latter are the TOR dismantlers.

Then we should read and see actual names of the individuals owning company radio and television broadcasting frequency assignees. I don?t want throwing the baby away with the bath water, otherwise I would ask for disclosure of the sources of financing of all newspapers to expose the ?rented press.?

All persons serving as directors of companies, multinational or local, which operate telcos must be known to us all. Add to that a listing of all foreign companies along with their activities.

Names of all individuals who are part of the airline companies that suddenly multiplied from nowhere must be known. I put it to them that they are responsible for sabotaging work on the Suhum-Apedwa section of the Accra-Kumasi or Kumasi-Accra road.

I might not have been paying attention or it could have happened during my dozen years of sojourn in others? motherlands, but never had air traffic controllers downed tools to ground domestic flights. Counsel with surrogate government lawyer whose spouse pays night visits to election judgers must be the one in charge of that.

Advertised contract bidding must be accompanied by publication of successful bids with details of the contract for which public money, the motherland?s money, is used to pay the contractor.

Let?s start that with the contract awardee, who is executing the Agona Swedru River Akora de-silting. Rumours are rife that he who wanted my compatriots to pack bag and baggage and leave the motherland for him and his kin could be involved in the bridge blasting that smashed a colleague Nana?s humble abode.

Sports spending such as world cup and games accounts must be publicly published not more than six months after an event.  Those accounts are notoriously always suspicious.

People determined to fill their pockets over the brim from the motherland?s purse are constantly scheming to steal from her.

When deputy ministers can make one million dollars, ministers and their appointees should be exceeding that which is keeping the motherland underdeveloped.

The time is ripe for our journalists worth their salt to put everything aside for the moment and sharpen their investigative skills. This is the time for them to vigorously and aggressively practice by Article 21(1)(a) in equal aggressive pursuit of the discharge of the responsibilities spelt out in Article 41(a)(c) and particularly (f) as well as 162(5) by revealing the corrupt names.

Truthfully and factually naming and shaming media reporting is transparent medication for curing corruption.

Kwame Nkrumah said we are capable of running our own affairs. Kwame Nkrumah never felt for a moment, and never ever hoped that we would mismanage our own affairs.

Those who cannot manage and would thus mismanage the motherland?s own affairs have no business pretending to be managing when they are mismanaging.

Enough has been stolen from the motherland these past fifty-seven years.

She cannot afford anymore being stolen from her in the next fifty-seven years. And that is right from now. So anyone whose business it is to steal from her must cease doing business in her name.

Kwame Nkrumah and all of the founding fathers and mothers ever dreamt the shame of a republic of corruption. So let us work to fulfil their dream of a prosperous and proud Ghana.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh


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