olm-to-pst-converter-legacy-pst-file-supportIn any organization; System admin is the person who has the responsibility to keep the exchange server working and make data available whenever it is needed. Despite of all preventive measures, the risk of losing data remains high and server crash, Trojan infection, bad sector, virus attack etc. may damage your server hard disk data badly causing permanent loss of data.

Relying on a person to save your crucial exchange server records is however not a good idea thus, the exchange severs backup is treated as a? better option. An exchange server may have hundreds of thousands of mailboxes, which might have numerous emails with confidential information. Exchange server mailbox backup works as a disaster management strategy to recover from post calamity losses and maintains proper business continuity.

The exchange server backup plays a significant role as far as data protection and availability is concerned, thus when your exchange server is down or crashed then the exchange backup file can be used to get back the mailboxes. As it will be time consuming to reconstruct the information, in case the files gets deleted permanently from the exchange server.

Besides this, there could be a situation where you have an exchange backup mailbox in a machine but do not have the exchange server environment to restore the file and view the mailboxes. In such situations; you can save exchange backup mailboxes within PST file and easily open it in MS Outlook to overcome the dependency of MS exchange server.

You should go for a solution, which securely helps you to save exchange mailbox to PST 2003, 2007 or 2010 and you can easily view the data within mailboxes without any efforts. The tool must be a complete solution for your need and should make the conversion of exchange BKF to PST file successfully. One such reliable utility is SysTools Exchange BKF to PST file converter having an extremely simple graphical user interface to make the migration convenient even for a novice user.

SysTools Exchange BKF to PST converter is the most efficient utility or you can say the only solution available in the online market to quickly save exchange mailbox backup to PST file. This program ensures to perform complete conversion of mailboxes from exchange backup to Outlook PST; irrespective of size and type of file.



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