Nana Adjoa Kwabi
Nana Adjoa Kwabi

A UK-based Ghanaian mother is overly excited and eager to tell her life-changing story of how liposuction changed her entire life and even made her husband take her to the altar for marriage.

Nana Adjoa Kwabi
Nana Adjoa Kwabi

Nana Adjoa Kwabi, a trained journalist, told NEWS-ONE she never liked the shape of her body and therefore could not muster the courage to go naked before her husband unless the lights were off and the room dark.

“I had these muscular shoulders and my buttocks were very flat. My stomach was just too big and there were times people saw me and congratulated me for being ‘pregnant’. It is not bad to be pregnant but certainly embarrassing for any woman when your stomach is bigger than normal that people start to think you are pregnant.

“But after the whole liposuction and body sculpt, I am very proud of my body that my kid daughter always tells me to ‘go and wear clothes’ because I am always showing off my body at home. You won’t believe this: that when my husband saw me after the operation, he nearly did not recognise me and would have gone past me if I were not with our daughter. When he saw me, he immediately said we should go to the altar to seal our marriage so he confirms his name on me,” Nana Adjoa Kwabi noted in excitement.

Nana Adjoa told NEWS-ONE that though she stayed and worked in the UK and had been there for thirteen years, she actually did the liposuction in Ghana at the Advanced Bodysculpt Centre (ABC) belonging to Dr Dominic Obeng Andoh.

“I have always wanted to do this and there are several doctors in the UK who are experts in liposuction but when I see their works, it is not what I want. They shape you like a European—just straight like that and not like the real African woman with the curvy contours and well rounded boobs and butts. They are not Africans and do not understand our shape.

“Also, I was proud this was happening in Ghana so I wanted to do it here. It is a shame people here do not want to appreciate and support our own so they travel to Europe to have this same operation that we can have here at a lesser cost and a better after effect,” she added.

She could not find words appropriate enough to describe her happiness after the operation: “It has improved my marriage. I have had a wedding I would not have had and my husband, you know, is very proud of me. Before this, he would spy at other voluptuous women but now, he is so proud of me and would tell others that I, his wife, has got what they think they want to use to attract him.

“Look, my husband is not that rich and if I were not married, I am sure this my new figure would have helped me nail one big tycoon. I did not do this to attract men; I did it because I wanted to be happy but I know people who have done it and what is happening to them.

“I wanted to get a dress of my choice and put it on and feel free and get admired. Before this, you had to wear all sorts of stomach trainers; and you go to a dinner and you can’t be comfortable and it is even showing in your dress and everyone can see you are wearing something fake and all that embarrassment.”

Nana Adjoa said it is not true that persons who go in for liposuction and body sculpting are cut open: “Dr Obeng does not cut. He never cuts anyone during the operation. I was wide awake and having a conversation with him all through the entire operation and it was fun. He numbs the part he is operating and then uses a very tiny soft syringe in extracting the fat.

“It is not like having a baby through caesarian section where you would be slashed. I’m sure Ghanaians are not ready for success and they cannot stand people moving up the ladder. This happens in the UK and all over Europe but because this is Ghana and a Ghanaian doctor, we are calling him all sorts of names. Others also mean well but they are ignorant so they talk by heart.”



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