baby-dapah-470x300 I Cheated Death ? TV And Radio Personality baby dapah

Television and radio personality, Babiee Dapaah, cannot stop thanking God after almost losing her life when she got electrocuted last week Monday at her home in Dzorwulu.

Narrating her bizarre experience to Showbiz on Tuesday, Babiee said she had returned from work and wanted to enjoy the use of her rechargeable radio when the incident happened.

According to Babiee, the battery of the radio had run down and she decided to charge it. She said, no sooner had she plugged the gadget to the mains did she find herself being thrown into the air.

Babiee said all she remembered afterwards was finding herself on a hospital bed at the 37 Military Hospital surrounded by family members and some few friends. The host of Hot Gossip and now Guys Avenue both on TV3 who seemed to be still in shock said her father told her what really happened.

Babiee said she later found out from her father that she had been unconscious for two days. ?My dad told me he found me unconscious in my room after he had called me severally and I did not respond. He had to rush me to the hospital?.

Babiee who was discharged the evening she came round said it has not been very easy for her since the incident.

? My feet were swollen and I could not move my limbs when I came home from the hospital. It?s been a week since the incident happened and now I am able to move around although I can still feel pains in my back which I guess is due to the heavy fall.

According to her, she has become more prayerful since she cheated death. ?I know God loves me and has great plans for me. I cannot imagine what would have happened if my dad was not at home at the time I got electrocuted?

?I would have been dead by now but here I am alive. I am very very grateful to God and I thank Him very much for saving me.?

She also expressed her gratitude to her family members and friends for being supportive during what she describes as her trying moments.



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