Online directories are much more than just the Internet versions of printed directories. Armed with fast advancing technology, online directories have certain advantages over their offline counterparts. A comparison would help you mark the difference.

Business Directories have come a long way – from printed yellow pages to giant online directories. In both the forms, the directories have been the source of relevant information for businesses. However, with the advent of Internet technology, they have gained an edge over their offline counterparts.

A comparison between Online and Printed directories would help understand how they differ:

Geographical Reach

Printed directory provides an alphabetical listing of businesses within a specific geographical area.

It is indeed a useful tool to get information regarding local markets and businesses. However, if one wishes to get info on products and suppliers/buyers in other regions, printed directory falls short. Here is where an online business directory scores over the printed version. It breaks through the geographical barriers. For instance, a businessman in the United States could search an online business directory to find a supplier in the Philippines.

Product Catalogs

This feature creates significant qualitative difference between online and printed directories. Online directories allow companies to display their product catalogs while the printed directories are used only for listing services. Detailed information about the business products or services is not available in a printed directory.

Updated Info

Herein lays another major difference between online directories and printed directories. Printed directories are usually updated once a year. Meanwhile, if business information regarding various listed companies changes, the directory would not reflect the change. On the contrary, it is regularly updated. You are more likely to find up-to-date information on an online business directory.

Easy to Search Information

On online directories, powerful search tools make it easy for the interested users to search for the product and services. Printed directories lack such kind of options. One has to do the tedious task of searching through the directory pages. It is really tough to find the relevant information from a vast database of listings.

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