Android is one of the most popular and widely used operating system available for mobile phones in the market today. Developers can access the source code of the mobile platform as Android is an open source technology. This helps the developers in understanding the functioning of interface controls and other mobile phone features. The open handset alliance consisting of large corporations and organizations is brought together by Google to contribute to the operating system and distribute it with their devices. Thus, Android is supported by a very wide segment of IT industry which includes many IT giants.

Offshore mobile development on Android platform is very exciting and offers freedom to developers that they never experienced before. some of its benefits and areas where Android offers freedom to mobile developers are:

Minimal budget required to begin: All the development tools required for Android platform can be easily downloaded for free from the internet.

Thus, the start-up cost for development is almost zero. Further, only a very small fee is charged by Google for launching the application over Android market and distributing it. This is very important as usually PHP development outsourcing companies provide mobile solutions and they work on stringent budgets. Android allows them to get a better margin on their services.

Freedom to innovate: Being an open source platform which is based on the Linux kernel and numerous open source libraries, Android allows developers to contribute to the platform and even extend it according to their requirements. Developers now have a really flexible and scalable platform where they can innovate and do what they are meant to do.

Freedom over app distribution: Android apps have to face very few restrictions on content and the functionality as very few restrictions are placed by Google’s Android market. Further, app owners are free to distribute their applications through any other channel as well. The freedom to distribution allows developers and distributors to market their apps to a much larger user base through various other promotional mediums.

Multi-platform development and multi-device support: The number of android devices is increasing on a daily basis. New type of devices based on Android platform are being launched on a daily basis. Android supports multiple devices from various manufacturers therefore offers the freedom to choose whatever device user wants. Further, applications for Android platform can be developed on multiple platforms that includes Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Multi-Carrier Support: The devices and Smart-phones using Android OS are free to choose the type of network carriers. Contrary to iOS where a device comes along with a fixed network carrier, Android offers its users the freedom to use their favorite mobile network carrier.

The Android OS has clearly provided mobile developers with enough freedom to create really unique and innovative applications. It would be interesting to see how these professionals and organizations use this platform to enhance the level of services and solutions that they offer.

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