The Majority Leader of Parliament, Mr. Cletus Avoka, has revealed that Parliament will extend its sittings to week-ends in order to cover the 21 day period needed for the Constitutional Instrument (CI 78) for the creation of the 45 new constituencies be passed into law.

Mr. Avoka made these revelations when he was responding to a recent press conference held by the Minority Caucus in Parliament which he claimed was a ploy to confuse Ghanaians on the current C.I 78 which has created misunderstanding in Parliament within the past week.

The leader of the House maintained that though the new move his side has mooted has not been officially confirmed, he was hopeful that Members of the House would bear with the circumstances and co-operate with the business proposals which is currently under study by the appropriate committee as referred by the Speaker of the House.

Touching on the substantive issues raised by the Minority in Parliament during their press conference held last Wednesday, he cautioned them (Minority Caucus) to exercise restraints in their pronouncements regarding assertions that the NDC Majority Caucus are in bed with the Electoral Commission (EC) to capitalize on the ordinary Ghanaian to create the 45 new constituencies in order to win the 2012 general elections.

He tasked the NPP Minority to refrain from peddling falsehood to the detriment of democracy in Ghana adding that ?We should talk on the grounds of informed ideas and not of ignorance.?

?The NPP is reminded that when they were piloting the ROPAP Bill Act 699 of 2006 in Parliament the same E.C stated clearly that they did not have the ability, capacity and time to implement ROPAP in elections as it was being envisaged. Yet the NPP still went ahead and passed ROPAP into law, is this the case of holier than thou ART??

?Let us also remind ourselves that Ghanaians have given the NDC the mandate to manage the vehicle called Ghana and drive it home safely, consequently let it not be inferred that there are some people who think that they are ordained to be rulers of Ghana and hence must always be in the driving seat. They are only passengers and we assure them that we will drive them home safely,? Mr. Avoka reiterated.


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