wpid-jail-cell1-300x200.jpgBy Dele Oshunyele

Future seems to be bright for prison inmates in Nigeria especially those who intend to pursue university education whilst serving their respective jail terms.


Deputy Chairman Committee on Human Rights in House of Reps, Hon Rotimi Makinde who represents Ife federal constituency has strongly called for waiver of tuition fees for prisons inmates in Nigeria. The lawmaker in an emotional ladden-voice moved this motion to guarantee zero-tuition for prison inmates who attend National Open University.

Makinde described this as uncommon motion because it is for the voiceless who have been harshly deprived by law on what to see, where to go and even what to eat, who according to him deserve free education as prisons should be of reformative
than punitive. He further described education as one of the keys to unlock ignorance, pointing that prisons all over the world were meant to reform and train inmates to be useful citizens both socially and economically when they return to the society.

In a unanimous decision, the motion was subsequently welcomed by his colleagues in Abuja today (31-01-13).


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