If you have never experienced a holiday staying in a hotel then its time you make your first booking. A trip to Melbourne would be the perfect opportunity for you to do so. You can get to see massive parks and gardens, marvelling architecture, trams and of course there is also the river. The whole of Melbourne was built around the mouth of the Yarra River where it flows through the entire city. People can take trips up river on a boat for hire or on a guided tour to show you around as you make your way up stream. The river itself has historically played a vital role in the development of the city and you are in the mood for a day trip, you can take a walk along the banks and go bar hopping or shopping whichever takes your fancy.

If you prefer to stay in smaller flats or self catering places then you can find them anywhere but to search under hotel Melbourne to get a list of hotels that are listed in the city.

You may want to consider the options though, because you can opt for an ocean view where your room is nice and high and you can see the sea from your bedroom window. There are few sights in the world that can beat the ocean when it comes to waking up in the morning. You might want to get a look at the river at night and watch how the city lights up as the sun goes down and the whole city settles in for the evening. If you are not the type to do cooking or you prefer to just relax on your holiday instead of preparing food all the time. You can order room service until the cows come home; just remember that it all gets added to your hotel bill at the end so if you are not careful with the expenses you might end up in a little trouble. Once you have a place to stay and you know that you can get food anywhere anytime, all you need to do then is find a few interesting things to do and you are good to go.

Boat rides upstream can be fun for a family if all of you want to explore the interior a little bit. The other alternative is a serious booze cruise with a bunch of mates all just looking to have a good time. You can find something for all ages and everyone is guaranteed to have a great time.

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