National Road Safety Commission

Drivers and passengers at the Ho main lorry terminal are accusing each other for the many road crashes in the country.

National Road Safety CommissionThe relatively hot exchanges happened at an exhibition in Ho of pictures of road crashes in the country by the National Road Safety Commission.


The drivers blamed passengers for allegedly urging them (drivers) to over-speed so they could get to their destinations in time while passengers said many drivers were simply not good.

The drivers listed passengers? verbal assaults for driving too slowly, sometimes with threats not board their vehicles again, as a disincentive to obeying the stipulated speed limits.

The exhibition was to mark this year?s Road Safety Week, on the theme, ?Empowering the Passenger and Pedestrian to demand Road Safety.?

Some passengers who were moved by the gory pictures said a good number of drivers were largely unprofessional and only interested in their transport fares and not the safety of passengers.

They alleged that some drivers secretly drank alcohol and sniffed some substances before driving and were, therefore, unable to make good judgement or drive defensively.

Mamavi, 32, a fruits seller at the terminal, observed that some drivers hardly prepared for their journeys but only loitered and jumped behind the steer when the vehicle was full and said that attitude was bad.

Mr Anthony Nyalemegbe, a Public Servant, said prayers played significant roles in averting road crashes and urged drivers and passengers to pray before travelling.

Mr Sebastian Acheampong, Volta Regional Manager of the National Road Safety Commission, said the event was to raise the safety level of passengers and pedestrians and increase road safety awareness in the country.

He expressed worry about the activities of commercial motor riders in the Region, which he said, was increasing the number of road crashes.

The Commission earlier launched a lollipop stand at the Bankoe E.P. Basic School to help schoolchildren and the public to cross the road safely.

Two pupils from the School were reportedly knocked down by vehicles last year with one losing his life.



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