A capacity training programme aimed at enhancing the marketing and customer care skills of small-scale shoemakers in Kumasi has been organised by Horseman Shoes in collaboration with GMC Consulting.

The two-day intensive training is part of a series of programmes aimed at building the capacity of these small-scale local manufacturers so as to equip them with the practical, modern and scientific methods of how to market their products.

Participants at the training course were grateful for the opportunity and requested such training at least twice a year. They also requested for mentorship programmes with other established footwear companies in and outside Ghana so as to sharpen their skills.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Horseman Shoes, Mr. Tonyi Senayah, the training also exposed the participants as to how they can invest in simple and less expensive technologies that will aid in their work.

“We took them through work ethics as well as developing feedback channels and a database of their clients, which in the long-run will help improve their products,” he added.

He was grateful to the Skill Development Fund of COTVET for supporting them and other organisations in their skills development programme.

Horseman Shoes is a Ghanaian-based footwear manufacturing company. Horseman Shoes seek to provide to the Ghanaian working-class quality footwear that reflects our status, taste and identity.


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