An Afro-centric musical group, Hope of Africa International Band, is set to embark on a nationwide peace concert under the theme ‘Hoping in Peace’ for Ghana and Africa.

Speaking in an interview, the group, which is made up of Ras Minano and Jah Gold, said the purpose of their concert, set to begin in late June, was to bring back the lost hope and peace of Ghanaians and to the larger extent Africans.

“In Africa where there is so much massive suffering that erupted out of tribal wars, civic unrest, political tensions in accumulation to lack of wants, the word hope has been a missing spice in the lives of many especially the youth of today who are the future tomorrow.

“The pillar of this concert is to create hope and peace for the people for without peace there is no development. Lack of peace germinates lack of hope and a country without hope has no vision and mission.

Peace always paves way for hope and instills confidence as the Right Honorable Mosiah Garvey said, with confidence you’ve twice won the battle even before you started,” Hope of Africa said.

The group said it would tour not less than four regions in Ghana and then move its peace train to countries like Switzerland, Holland, Denmark and the United Kingdom where it would officially launch its latest album ‘Africa is Sick’, a 15-track album with tracks like ‘Shining Lady’ and ‘Aden’.

Adding their voice to the recent political tension in the country, the group said lack of democratic principles was really an alarming issue that raised tensions in the continent.

“There is a need for Africans to know the difference between free speech and hate speech much especially in Ghana where most of the media’s political discussions come with emotions full of insults and sarcastic comments which if not checked could yield to a national despair, talk less of the journalistic comment that escalated the Rwanda crises,” the group advised.


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