The Managing Director???of B. Adams Trading Enterprise,??dealers in spare?parts at Suame Magazine in Kumasi, Alhaji???B. Adams??has??observed??that??the struggle to build a prosperous??nation??would be??in futility??if persons who occupying??key??positions??fail to???allow??the sense of national course to override??that??of??their personal interests.

He said, it was???imperative for?everybody to approach his assigned national duties with???the attitude of honesty and sacrifice, and?transparency???to spur up?a sputtering?economy???of the country.

He noted???that dishonesty and selfishness???attitudes?on part of some?persons?in whose care??enviable positions have been entrusted??to has been one of the major??banes hampering the?forward d move??of the country.

?Dishonesty attitude??and personal??interest among others??are the social evils thwarting??the efforts to build a sound country, there??was the need??for our??leaders not only in??the field of??politics, but all those who??are occupying key positions to be honest and transparent???in all their transactions, I hope??with this principle??we as nation ,would be??able to achieve??our??targets,? he said.

Alhaji Adams made the call??in??an interview with the paper after he took part in an open air Muslims? prayer???organized??by the??Ghana??Muslims Mission??at the Islamic Secondary School at Abrepo??in Kumasi to??climax a month??long??fasting and prayers (Ramadan).

He lauded how???Ghanaians have been religiously tolerance to each???one another over?the?years?and??hoped???the feat should be maintained since??such positive??act a signal to??enhancing?national accelerated??growth .

Alhaji Adams charged Muslims to allow the lessons they have learnt during the Ramadan period to reflect on their life styles for???the remaining parts of the?year and?beyond.

He??said , Islam as??a religion??of peace, tolerance , obedience??and??total submission to the will??of Allah,???all the followers of the teaching of Prophet Mohammed??should always strive hard??to abide??by the??tenets on??which the??religion was found.

?I wish to appeal??to??all our Muslim??brothers??especially the youth to guard against any??deviant??attitude that would cast a slur??on Islam, because this religion is about peace tolerance and obedience , I see no reason why??after the??Ramadan??any of us should go back to his misdeeds which Allah??has??forgiven??us during the fasting??and praying period, ? he remarked.


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