Presentation By Prof. Mike Oquaye


In the past few years, Western leaders have threatened to cut assistance to Africa, if our leaders take a stand against homosexuality and lesbianism. About three years ago, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron actually threatened to cut aid to African nations who refused to promote homosexuality. Ghana was specifically mentioned. President Obama followed suit and not long afterwards the Secretary-General of the United Nations joined the band wagon. The recent Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014 passed by Ugandan Parliament has triggered the latest reaction from the Western World, and this time from the World Bank President.

It is quite clear that western Nations are ganging up in a collective action against Africa under the auspices of the World Bank. This threat is very serious and Africa should come out with a collective stand if our ideas, beliefs, values and practices which form the cornerstone of our ?acculturisation? should not be undermined.

It has been persistently argued that homosexuality should be accepted because some men are born with hormonal and other deficiencies.? And that the same applies to lesbians.? I wish to submit that whenever this happens it is an indication that the person involved is sick and what that individual needs is medical or psychotic treatment. ?Those who suffer from kleptomania do not have their deviant conduct promoted by society.? They are actually convicted and sentenced for offences committed and are also helped with treatment.? When a psychopath sets out to kill, his actions cannot be encouraged or promoted because he might have been born with a mental deformity or might have suffered psychotic tendencies as a result of some traumatic social experience.? If society were to think in this weird manner, life on earth will be most brutish indeed.

It is respectfully submitted that no hormonal or other deficiency should be turned into accepted behaviorial pattern and then pushed on others by enforced socialization.? And indeed, our socialization processes in Ghana from time immemorial, exclude homosexuality.

Homosexual adults are enticing, inducing and seducing innocent young people into homosexuality.? And society cannot sit by unconcerned.

Notably, through the internet, foreigners, mostly whites, are contacting our young men in Ghana.? These aliens fly down to ?sodomise? our Youth who accompany them to tourist canters and hotels.? The foreigners leave them behind.? Can we configure the diseases that are left behind?? Can we fully imagine what damage this male youth prostitution will do to the health of our youth as well as the religious, moral, social and allied fabric of our society?? Do European leaders seek to promote sodomy and male prostitution? What is their interest and whose interest do they seek to serve?

Another argument advanced in support of this sad practice is that it is a human right to have one?s own sexual preference and no one should stop it.? This unbridled interpretation of human rights is skewed.? Bestiality, for example, is condemned by God in the same way as homosexuality.? Bestiality is an offence (See the Criminal Offences Act, 1960 Section (104(1) (c)).? If we allow our men and women to have sex with snakes, lizards, dogs, sheep etc, we affront the dignity of humanity.? We could also attract serious diseases from the animal kingdom (fit for beasts only) into the human kingdom.? In each case, a human being will be using his/her own sexual organ and in private.? Should we allow it because it is the human right of such person to do whatever he/she likes with his/her own body? Impossible.

Examples abound.? If a person attempts suicide and he/she fails, the person is charged with a criminal offence ? ?attempting suicide?.? Why?? It is the person?s own life; and he/she attempts to take it off in the privacy of one?s bedroom.? Why is it not his human right? That act offends Section 57 of the Criminal Offences Act, 1960 of Ghana. This law applies in other African nations.

Furthermore, a woman decides to use her own body to trade and live on it.? She sleeps with her clients in the privacy of a room.? Both the woman and her client are happy about the sex trade. Yet it is an offence under our law and any person who promotes the trade, commits even a greater offence and is punished even more heavily. Don?t these individuals have ?human rights? over their own bodies?

We eschew such deviant conduct because society must have to prevent certain offences to protect its social fabric, otherwise it will collapse.? In the same way that society punishes the big organizers of prostitution even more, so we should ?tighten our laws so that those persons from Europe, who are facilitating a new Homosexual and Lesbian Trade employing various avenues including human trafficking of our youth to Europe for sodomy, are checked.

Africa must resist a new Sodomy slave trade so that we nip in the bud a situation whereby lesbian groups, clubs and societies who have huge sums of money, will export our youth, use them for their improper pleasures of the flesh, infect them with diseases and dump them.? This is not a joke.? The same way they get visas overnight for brilliant footballers, so will they start obtaining visas for our young people using the influence of the powerful gay lobby in the UK.? If we keep quiet now, we shall moan miserably in some ten years time.

Who can tell all the diseases they will bring along? Who can anticipate the full dimensions of the damage to health?? Homosexuality damages the walls of the anus and victims end up with pampers since they cannot control the uncontrollable flow of human excreta.

If these Westerners are really concerned about the human rights of Africans and not only thinking of white sodomists, they should be considering the rights of the following, for example: kwashiorkor children, sickle cell disease sufferers; malaria attacks, street children etc.

The socio-cultural and religious dimensions are also very important.? The social fabric of every society is knitted by ideas, beliefs and values.? They establish and maintain the homogeneity requisite for development.? It cannot be gainsaid that culturally, African society frowns upon homosexuality and lesbianism.

Our marriage is between a man and a woman with the active involvement of two families. Homosexuality can be dangerous to national health.? Remember?? The white people discovered ?AIDS.? Today, they have very expensive medication to prolong the lives of their people.? But our people cannot afford them and die miserably.? Let us watch how we copy these examples. Can you imagine two Ghanaian families meeting together to contract a marriage, but only to realize that the ?husband? is a man and ?wife? is also a man?? It is an abomination!? Is it right for children to be taught to call a man ?mummy? and a woman ?daddie??? Children brought up in such social milieu will become miscreants.? Indeed the family is under satanic attack and we should take great care to protect it.? We Africans have certain values and our friends who want to remain friends must respect our values.

Britain is in social crisis today because, as they themselves say, the family system has broken down and indiscipline in schools has become unbridled.? The British Government itself called for an end to the ?pupil rights? that is ruining society.? The children indeed are confused.? Why won?t they be when the home/family system has collapsed and Mummy and Daddy both wear beards.

In legal terms, some people in Ghana have wondered if there is a law making homosexuality/lesbianism an offence.? The answer is CLEAR.? Section 104 of the Criminal Offences Act 1960 makes it a criminal offence.? The Section says a person who has an unnatural carnal knowledge of another person commits an offence.? It defines unnatural carnal knowledge as ?sexual intercourse with a person in an unnatural manner or, with an animal?. The framers of the law meant, and we all know, and it has been upheld by the Courts that homosexuality etc is an offence under this provision.

Section 104 further provides that where a person is ?sodomised? without the consent of the other (for example by drugging him) the offence is a felony; where the ?sodomised? person consents, the offence is a misdemeanor. This means in the former case, the penalty is heavier.

Nevertheless, a criminal offence is committed when two consenting adults engage in sodomy.? Both parties can be convicted, fined and/or jailed.

Some people also seek to argue that gay rights are justified under 1992 Constitution.? This is palpably false and baseless.? They invoke Article 21 (i) (6) but to no avail.

?All persons shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and belief, which shall include academic freedom??.

That is all the leg they stand on.? A total understanding of the Constitution makes it clear no such thought, conscience or belief can be held in a vacuum or be injurious to society as a whole.? Can you imagine the weird things people will do if this were so? Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that Chapter Four of the Constitution recognizes existing law, custom and practice in Ghana.

Article II recognizes the customary law which means ?the rules of law which by custom are applicable to particular communities in Ghana?.? Our customary law and practice do not recognize and accept homosexuality and homosexual marriages anywhere in Ghana.

All our religions abhor homosexuality ? The Christians, Muslims and Traditional Religion practitioners.? Sodom and Gomorrah in the book of Genesis and other books serve as a lesson and reminder. In 1 Corinthians 6:9, there was grave warning to men who become ?abusers of themselves with mankind?.? God created man and woman to procreate and live in a family.

This is a call to our civil society in Ghana.? Chiefs, Teachers, TUC, Professional Bodies, and Imams et al should stand up and defend the Ghanaian standpoint.

Furthermore, the Western threat cannot fly.? They should think again.? The balance of trade between African nations and Western nations show huge surpluses in their favor.? Western Banks, telephone companies, oil companies, cocoa buying companies etc, benefit tremendously from us.? China is also beckoning and the West must be careful. If Japan and other nations respect our humanity more, we should bend more towards them.

ECOWAS and AU should meet urgently to take a common stand on the matter.? If the Western nations require us all to boycott them, then they have caused it. Africa can take a number of economic steps which will hurt the West.? We in Ghana love the West but such disrespectful treatment cannot be allowed to creep into our relationship.

David Cameron made a misleading statement that we should ?learn to accept homosexuals as human beings?. They are human beings indeed.? And no one will be allowed by law to lynch any homosexual.? Even an alleged murderer needs protection. If a man is sick and therefore prefer to sleep with men, the law will convict him and he will also be given medical and psychological treatment if found to be sick.? Those who need spiritual deliverance, we shall pray for God to rescue them from the pathway of Satan if that is the case.

Before I end my presentation, I will like to emphasis two main areas ? first, the religious aspect and second, the health factors in homosexuality.

In identifying those who will not inherit the Kingdom of God, the Bible included people who engaged in same sex sexual intercourse and unnatural sexual intercourse. In 1 Corinthians 6:9,10: ?Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God? Be not deceived : neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor revilers, nor extortionists, shall inherit the Kingdom of God?.

The filth of sodomy is clearly condemned in the Old Testament. Notably, after speaking of the filthy things men and women should not do with their bodies as we have enumerated above, Paul, continued in Verse 15 of I Corinthians chapter 6 thus: ?Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ??

God who instituted marriage did so between a man and a woman. Paul said in???????????????? 1 Corinthians 7:2 ?to avoid fornication let everyman have his own wife and let let every woman have her own husband?. Marriage is a relationship between man and woman, male and female. Those who do otherwise tend to abuse God. Even animals appreciate and abide by the principle of sexuality as cohabitation between male and female.

The Bible enjoins a man to leave his father?s home, and go and live with a woman, to whom he shall cleave. Anything to the contrary is against the will of God. This is part of the western Church of Christ today. Africa will not follow them into such abomination.

On the health aspect, Gay Bowel Syndrome (GBS): The Journal of the American Medical Association refers to GBS problems such as proctitis, proctocolitis, and enteritis as “sexually transmitted gastrointestinal syndromes. ?Many of the bacterial and protozoa pathogens that cause GBS are found in feces and transmitted to the digestive system: According to the pro-homosexual text Anal Pleasure and Health.?[i] [s]exual activities provide many opportunities for tiny amounts of contaminated feces to find their way into the mouth of a sexual partner

HIV/AIDS among Homosexuals: The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is responsible for causing AIDS, for which there exists no cure.

Homosexual men are the largest risk category. The CDC reports that homosexuals comprise the single largest exposure category of the more than 600,000 males with AIDS in the United States. As of December 1999, “men who have sex with men” and “men who have sex with men and inject drugs” together accounted for 64 percent of the cumulative total of male AIDS cases.[ii]

Homosexuals with HIV are at increased risk for developing other life-threatening diseases. A paper delivered at the Fourth International AIDS Malignancy Conference at the National Institutes of Health reported that homosexual men with HIV have “a 37-fold increase in anal cancer, a 4-fold increase in Hodgkin’s disease (cancer of the lymph nodes), a 2.7-fold increase in cancer of the testicles, and a 2.5 fold increase in lip cancer.”[iii]

Anal Cancer: Homosexuals are at increased risk for this rare type of cancer, which is potentially fatal if the anal-rectal tumors metastasize to other bodily organs.

Dr. Joel Palefsky, a leading expert in the field of anal cancer, reports that while the incidence of anal cancer in the United States is only 0.9/100,000, that number soars to 35/100,000 for homosexuals. That rate doubles again for those who are HIV positive, which, according to Dr. Palefsky, is “roughly ten times higher than the current rate of cervical cancer.”[iv]

At the Fourth International AIDS Malignancy Conference at the National Institutes of Health in May, 2000, Dr. Andrew Grulich announced that the incidence of anal cancer among homosexuals with HIV “was raised 37-fold compared with the general population.”[v]

For example, one 1982 study mentioned in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the anal cancer rate for homosexuals is way above normal, maybe as high as 50 times normal. And a 1997 New England Journal of Medicine study again drew attention to the “strong association between anal cancer and male homosexual contact.”[vi]

Another study found that anorectal sepsis, a potentially toxic bacterial infection, is 4 times more common in homosexual than heterosexual men.[vii]

Reduced Life Span: A study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology on the mortality rates of homosexuals concluded that they have a significantly reduced life expectancy:

In a major Canadian centre, life expectancy at age twenty for gay and bisexual men is eight to twenty years less than for all men. If the same pattern of mortality were to continue, we estimate that nearly half of gay and bisexual men currently aged twenty years will not reach their sixty-fifth birthday. Under even the most liberal assumptions, gay and bisexual men in this urban centre are now experiencing a life expectancy similar to that experienced by all men in Canada in the year 1871.[viii]


We’ll conclude this section on male homo/bisexual STDs with three short refreshingly honest quotes from the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. These were found on its website,, on Nov. 4, 2009, in a document titled “Top 10 Things Gay Men Should Discuss with their Healthcare Provider.” (It may still be on its website.)

The quotes: 1) “[M]en who have sex with men are at an increased risk of HIV infection….[T]he last few years have seen the return of many unsafe sex practices.”

2) “Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) occur in sexually active gay men at a high rate. This includes…syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, pubic lice,…Hepatitis A, B, or C virus, Human Papilloma Virus, etc.”

3) “Gay men may be at risk for death by prostate, testicular, or colon cancer….[And there are] increased rates of anal cancers in gay men.”

Regarding lesbians, they face a higher breast cancer risk. One study of lesbians found that: “Sixty-three percent of the lesbians had never been pregnant….[And] Not having children increases a woman’s breast cancer risk by between two to six times.”[ix] Not having children also “may be a risk factor for ovarian cancer and may be implicated in endometrial cancer as well.”[x]

Another study found bacterial vaginosis occurring in 33% of the lesbians but only in 13% of heterosexual women, and found that: “Cervical cytology abnormalities were uncommon but only found in the lesbians.”[xi] (Those abnormalities may be precursors to cervical cancers.)

Another study of lesbians found a “relatively high prevalence of the viral STDs, herpes simplex and human papillomavirus [HPV].”[xii] And according to another: “Genital HPV infection and squamous intraepithelial lesions are common among women who are sexually active with women.”[xiii] HPV has been connected to cervical cancer. “DNA analysis has revealed that about 15 types of the virus account for more than 99 percent of all cervical cancer cases.”[xiv]

Africa today faces poverty, misery and diseases. We cannot afford to expose our people to self-induced aggravated diseases. The whites can afford expensive retroviral treatment. We cannot. Those who want to help us should come help us combat kwashiorkor and other diseases and eliminate poverty. Homosexuality is not an option. Africa must act collectively and fight this menace.

One thing is certain ? homosexuality is criminal, it is deviant. It offends African ideas, beliefs and values and the global homosexual lobby cannot have their way in Africa.? Our youth cannot be left to global sexual abuse.



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