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I find it shocking that homosexuality has become a topical issue in Ghana for about 4 years now with high ranking government officials such as the president even speaking about it?

How many Ghanaians have homosexuality killed? How many Ghanaians have malaria killed?thousands! Yet, it seems we are trapped in this absurd homosexual debate, given it more attention that the things causing us the most of our problems.

Why are people so much worked out and concern about what two adults decide to do in the comfort of their bed room? How does this affect any of us who are not part of their act?

To me, if two adults decide to nail whatever spot they want, that is their goddam business?What about you?

Can Ghanaians leave these people alone?

Anyway, read below for what the president of Ghana, H.E John Dramini Mahama just said on the issue of homosexuality in Ghana?

Via PeaceFmOnline.Com

President John Dramani Mahama has officially stated his position on homosexuality saying the act is criminal and punishable under the laws of the country.

The President has also distanced himself from international gay activist, Andrew Solomon, the founder of the Solomon Research Fellowship for the rights of lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender.

Information Minister Mahama Ayariga who spoke on behalf of the president described ?the attempt to impute or infer or to try to create an impression that Andrew Solomon is carrying his activism as a gay right activists to Ghana? as ?totally unfounded?.

?The President is to execute the laws of Ghana. And the laws of Ghana are very clear on homosexuality The laws of Ghana appall and criminalise homosexuality, there is no dispute about that. Homosexual conduct which is unnatural carnal knowledge of one person or another is criminal and punishable by the laws of Ghana,? he told the media today.

He was setting the records straight at a news conference in Accra on alleged reports that President Mahama has any form of relationship with renowned gay rights activist, Andrew Solomon.

According to him, the meeting between the President and Andrew Solomon was purely coincidental.

The gay activist is alleged to have raised funds for the president?s 2012 campaign after paying 20,000 dollars for a copy of the president?s book launched in in New York last year, according to Youth Counsellor Amos Kevin-Annan.

But the Information Minister flatly denied any such links and explained that ?it was pure accident that Mr. Andrew Solomon was a moderator at the book launch of His Excellency the president in New York. As you would know, the president chose to launch his book in the US and it was launched at four different places in the US,? Mr. Ayariga explained, adding that at every location a renowned writer is asked to moderate the launch.

He further disclosed that organisers of the book launch in New York ?settled on Andrew Solomon purely, purely because of his acclaim in writing, journalism and authorship. He?s written several books. He?s reported for several media houses in the US. He?s received several awards in connection with his profession.?

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