A lighting light: The young boy has been identified as nine-year-old Daniel Cabrera, a student in Mandaue city

A lighting light: The young boy has been identified as nine-year-old Daniel Cabrera, a student in Mandaue city

Pictures of a homeless boy doing his homework on the pavement outside a McDonald?s, to take advantage of the light at night, have gone viral.

The youngster is seen sitting at a tiny wooden bench writing or drawing in a book as the glow from the restaurant illuminates the space around him.

The photographs, taken in the Philippines city of Cebu, were posted on Facebook by student Joyce Torrefranca.

Ms Torrefranca, a medical student, told Philippine news network ABS-CBN: ?For me as a student, it just hit me a lot, like, big time.

?I seldom go to coffee shops to study. And then this kid, he doesn?t have anything but he has dedication to study.?

The boy was tracked down by the news network who found out his name is Daniel Cabrera.

ABS-CBN discovered the Cabrera family has had no permanent home since their house was destroyed by fire.

Daniel is a grade three student who sets himself up under the lights of the fast food chain branch every night, as it provides the only stable light source near his temporary home.

The youngster told the network that despite his family?s current situation, he is determined to finish his studies to be able to help them.

His father is dead and one of his siblings is ill, he told the news organisation.

One of Daniel?s teachers said she was impressed by his hard work.

Rosalina Detuya, said: ?Daniel is a happy child and also very intelligent. He answers often during class discussions and really gets involved.?

The pictures Ms Torrefranca posted have received thousands of shares from around the world.

It was reported, after the photos were widely circulated, that a social welfare officer had visited the Cabrera family to ask what assistance the local government could offer the boy and his mother.

She posted afterwards: ?I didn?t think that a simple photo can make a huge difference. Thank you guys for sharing the photo.

?With that, we were able to help Daniel in reaching his dreams. I hope Daniel?s story will continue touching our hearts so that we will always be inspired and motivated in every situation we face in life.?



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