The Holy Trinity SPA, a subsidiary of the Holy Trinity Medical Centre at the weekend donated a fully equipped welding shop to Mr Edward Kwame Amevor, a rehabilitated chronic alcoholic at Sogakope.

The rehabilitation process was done by the facility, using the holistic health service concept.

Dr Felix Anyah, Executive Chairman of the medical Centre, said the holistic health service enables medical practitioners to apply all the three areas of medical practice such as orthodox medical, complementary and alternative medicines.

He said the support was to climax the company’s seventh anniversary celebration on the theme: “Demystifying Drug Rehabilitation with holistic health service.”

He said the structure of global health service was being challenged to adopt new strategies in personnel, facilities and operations to deal with this lifestyle induced aliment.

“To address this issue, the current trend of holistic health service has been adopted by progressive health practitioners,” he added.

Dr Anyah said the medical center adopted Mr Amevor, using the model emphasising the three core areas of alcoholic rehabilitation including alcoholic detox, counselling and aftercare.

He said management would continue to support the beneficiary socially, financially, spiritually and emotionally for him to develop and improve on his living condition.

He explained that a holistic model in rehabilitation also enjoined the treatment of other mental health issues at the same time as more than 44 per cent of alcoholics have other mental health cases.

He said as part of strategies to improve on quality service, delivery management has sponsored a doctor and a nursing officer to undergo further studies in addiction, sleep disorder management, stress management and management of several psychological disorders.

Mr Rojo Mettle Nunoo, Deputy Minister of Health, commended the medical centre for their efforts in rehabilitating the chronic alcoholic to impact on the society.

He also congratulated the beneficiary for his determination and dedication to be transformed.

He urged other addicts in the community to take an example from Mr Amevor and know that there was hope.

Mr Amevor, the beneficiary, expressed gratitude to management of the medical centre for their efforts and interest in rehabilitating him.



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