With Valentine?s Day just a day away, Closer Weekly asked some of Hollywood?s biggest celebrities about their holiday plans.

drew-barrymore-valentines-dayThis year, Drew Barrymore says she?s leaving all the planning to her hubby, Will Kopelman. ?I asked him to be in charge this year. I was like, ?I’m too tired with the two kids. You have to champion this one,? ? Drew, who?s mom to daughters 9-month-old Frankie and 2-year-old Olive, tells Closer.

But there is only one thing Drew says she wants from Will for the holiday of roses and romance ? and it doesn?t involve a fancy gift! ?Just dinner. That?s it. That?s all I care about. I don?t need presents. I don?t need fancy. I don?t need flowers,? she says, adding she just wants to go somewhere ?so we can go eat some good food,? since their typical dinner plans involve staying at home. ?We normally sit on the couch, exhausted, after putting our kids to bed, too tired to go out.?

While Valentine?s Day is certainly known as the holiday of romance, some celebrities are planning the day very differently. ?I am going to be walking in the charity fashion show at Lincoln Center with Naomi Campbell to raise money for Ebola,? actress Kelly Rutherford tells Closer.

As for actor Jeremy Piven ? his day will be far from anything involving red roses and romance! ?I think I am going to be witnessing the Slam Dunk contest on Valentine?s Day,? he tells Closer. ?It is fun but not romantic. I will be sitting with a bunch of sweaty guys!?



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